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Watch on tv-bay channel VER embraces gold mount battery New Panasonic GH4 digital camera “ T PAG has long been a leading supplier of power prod- ucts for newsgathering and cinema, and its PAGlink technology continues its history of innovation”, said VER Cinema Market Manager Wayne Miller. “VER is always looking for breakthrough tools that can benefit our cus- tomers and so it’s only natural that we are embracing the new Gold Mount PAGlink battery. We’ve long been fans of Li-Ion for its dependable battery life and combin- ing that with PAGs ground breaking PAGlink technology results in a product that surpasses the competition”. Launched at NAB 2014, the PAGlink HC-PL94T Li-Ion battery is compatible with Gold Mount camera plates and is designed as a replacement for all Anton/Bauer® Li-Ion batteries. The batteries employ PAGs innovative linking technology so that two or more may linked to allow a higher current draw and longer run times. Uniquely, four or more PAGlink batteries can be linked for charging on AB Li-Ion chargers. The result is less battery swapping and fewer chargers. | rickbox TV, the video production and broadcast services provider, has purchased a new Panasonic GH4 digital camera, adding 4k capability to its inventory of cameras for production and hire services. Liam Laminman, Managing Director, Trickbox TV, said, We’re seeing greatly increased demand for cinema style cameras, and we were very impressed with the new Panasonic GH4. Its 4k capability adds versatility to our range of camera stock, it offers excellent image quality and fast processing, and as well as being perfect for single camera productions, it also fi ts perfectly into a multi-camera environment with its optional interface unit. Trickbox TV also manages Tower Bridge TV Studios, so the GH4 will become part of the studio infrastructure where appropriate, as well going on location for Trick- boxs OB and video production projects. The camera is being put to use immediately on a series of web-based travel programmes shooting around London. Searching? broadcast cameraman Search with full details of hundreds of GTC accredited Camera Operators, Lighting Cameramen, DoPs and specialist cameramen, why go anywhere else?