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Maya Severyn was the black sheep of the panel who didn’t go to NAB this year. It was a conscious decision of course not to go and based on key facts and experiences on the past. Maya began with questioning the value of NAB. Was it really a place to go to talk technology? In her experience having detailed tech- nical discussions with exhibitors was nigh on impossible and the conference sessions seemed to focus on “how to sell”, “how to fi nd work” and “how to market” rather than the technology she was looking for. While emphasising that she was giving her own personal views, she indicat- ed that there was a real dichotomy at work when considering suppliers. On the one hand, small companies often offered the personal service, access to developers and product customisation that larger companies could not, which helped their clients to differentiate their services. However, there were also risks associated with the smaller companies. It appears that several common reasons why people attend consist of “getting to meet the bosses” and “to see what the competitors are doing”. Playout is of course at the heart of Chellomedia and Maya added that the focus in 2013 was playout-in-a -box and now in 2014, it is playout- in-the-cloud. And joining the mergers and acquisitions debate questioned how many people went as an exhibi- tor to sell their company rather than a product. Maya gave a somewhat concerning outlook of the industry going forwards with the next two years being well planned, but there was real diffi cul- ty in predicting beyond that to fi ve years, given recent analysts’ predic- tions that IPTV revenue will overtake broadcast and cable revenues within that timescale. Concerns were expressed for smaller companies unable to match the offer- ings of the larger companies formed by mergers etc. James Gilbert from Pixel Power was the fi rst audience member to comment on this stating that smaller companies that have been around for many years are more stable and able to react with innovative solu- tions much quicker than the bigger organisations. MC Patel of Emotion Systems followed suit questioning how small is small and innovation is ultimately at the heart of the future of this industry. New business models were discussed during the close of the debate and it was generally agreed that subscription type plans such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud, sales of which have surpassed even their expectations, were the way the industry was going. The further we move into the IT world then this is sure to be a pattern that is replicated so expect more of the “who owns you this week” to come. HAND-HELD BROADCAST AUDIO/VIDEO MEASURING, MONITORING & GENERATION Test Chest 3G Always ready, 5 hours instant operation, with 6 months standby on a single battery charge. NOW “fully loaded” 3G, HD & SD SDI + CVBS video Tri/Comp sync & AES Detection ALL VIDEO & AUDIO FORMATS Audio & Video Generation ARE INCLUDED AS STANDARD Video Standard Identification “An impressive unit & excellent value” TDR Cable anomaly detection “Our most used piece of test equipment” No Boot instant start up “It’s so fast and easy to use...we love it” accessory Eye Display accesso “Amazingly versatile” Visit to learn more Enthusiastically endorsed by NAB Visitors Take advantage of our promotional pricing and request a demonstration Unit, contact us today: TEL: 020 8943 1920 or E-MAIL: 40 Years in Broadcasting TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 | 35