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operators encourage those users who are not already subscribers to migrate to new technology? Historically mobile live TV was difficult to achieve, primarily due to the lack of bandwidth available, even on 3G. Streaming live TV to an individual device was possible, but connecting several hundred thousand devices simultaneously would overload the network. This is also a problem when viewing catch-up TV through current apps. It works fine on one device, but in a crowded stadium or a busy shopping centre and it just will not work. Cloud driven approaches to live streaming, catch-up TV, OTT and VOD, along with the availability of 4G speeds on any device with a data connection is making mobile live TV a reality. What is more, for mobile network operators it is essential to demonstrate the fundamental difference that 4G offers a consumer. Currently user behaviour on 4G is identical to 3G – mostly web browsing and social media. Only when video and mobile TV is added to operators’ portfolios, does 4G come into its own. Developments in cloud technology allow TV to again be brought to a mass market and not one restricted to living rooms. Sky has put a massive investment into the infrastructure behind their Sky Go service, which is designed to offer just this. Unfortunately the release of Sky Go onto the cross-range of mobile device platforms did not go as smoothly as planned, particularly on Google’s Android tablets. For a mobile TV service to really take off and capture a widespread audience quickly it is essential that it works effectively on the myriad of iOS and Android devices that dominate tablet and smartphone sales. Users want to be able to access video content from anywhere and everywhere. They want to watch part of the programme on the train on the way to work, part of it on the way home and the rest when they get home. Effective time management. Adding television as a driver of customer loyalty Mobile TV is about to take off in a big way. Network providers offering TV services can quickly enjoy increased brand loyalty and reduced churn rates. Traditionally mobile operators have experienced churn rates as high as 30%, effectively meaning the companies need to generate significant growth in subscriptions just to stand still. But adding a television service to either a broadband or mobile offering sees churn rates plummet. The huge popularity of mobile video gives network operators the opportunity to seriously focus on content and increase customer loyalty. The traditional difficulty for providers in doing so is the cost and time – television was complicated to roll out. It required deals with content providers, huge investment in infrastructure, it was expensive and took years to get right. This is changing. Vision247’s Perception™ enables a service provider to set-up a cloud based, live streaming and VOD service in as little as 16 weeks. It is designed for service providers, cable operators, mobile operators and content owners seeking to offer on-net, OTT and mobile TV services, easily and cost effectively. The same reliable and stable stream can be delivered to Smart TVs, Set- top-boxes, tablets, smartphones and PCs, through one single platform. Service providers can brand their TV service, increasing customer loyalty to their own products and brands. For mobile network providers, operating this kind of service also gives them a means of encouraging their customers to upgrade to 4G, as there will be a real, tangible benefit in doing so. Whether the providers charge their customers more for the service or include it as part of their 4G proposition, will depend on a combination of content, accessibility and availability, but service providers can offer elements free with upgrades for premium content and Pay Per View for major events. Cloud computing enables service providers to offer a personal video recorder to customers, so they can record programmes to the Cloud and stream them at a convenient time. This is likely to be the future of all content recording – accessible everywhere and at any time, via multiple devices. Conclusion The combination of faster fixed, wireless and mobile networks with the availability of on demand storage offers enables any service provider, from ISP to mobile network, to seriously consider TV as an added service. With a content hungry consumer market looking for new ways to be entertained, and services like Perception™ making mobile live streaming TV a reality, the world of television is being democratised more than ever before. Once again, TV is evolving, only this time it is happening on a bus, a train or on a park bench. John Mills is a founder and CEO of Vision247 Ltd a leading provider of multi-screen IPTV services and technology. Vision’s flagship product, Perception is a telco-grade IPTV platform offering the world’s most advanced feature set for operators. This includes cloud-based catch up TV which allows viewers to move seamlessly from live TV viewing backwards in the EPG for 7 days to watch any program previously broadcast on any channel. Perception is designed for the way people watch TV today, allowing single user access to set top box services on multicast private net- works and OTT access via IOS, Android and Google TV apps. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 | 55