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REVIEW for feeding other monitors or an EVF perhaps. I’d requested the vlock version as this works with all my cameras, but Teletest will ship them with any battery connector, Vlock, Anton Bauer etc etc The transmitter feels robust and has the design form similar to the IDX Wevi system, on a large ENG camera, it sits between the battery and the camera. Size for me is a slight issue, in a world of every changing camera sizes, I like the Bolt for it’s compact transmitter size and I did find the Teletest sender on my c300 rig did add more length to the set up. Reassuringly much of it’s size must be down to the flat triangular aerial sitting on the top of the transmitter, which did prove helpful in range on a later shoot. The system is based around a HDMI system, which initially worried me as HDMI carries with it a prosumer ‘stigma’ but I suppose why not use an uncompressed HD signal that HDMI can carry. The unit is available in both HDMI and HD SDI inputs, and I think that some of the size of the transmitter in the SDI version is down to the electronics (don’t ask me what.) that is used to convert the HDMI jiggery pokery into from the SDI signal. Certainly you notice the small but discreet HDMI plug which runs down the side of the transmitter. Upon my first shoot with the system, the additional dtap that the transmitter provides came in handy and also the SDI version has an SDI loop through 72 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 One thing that I was surprised with, was that the SDI version I borrowed didn’t carry audio embedded in the SDI signal. I’m used to other SDI systems carrying audio and the director being able to plug cans into the monitor – a very handy feature. I’ve been informed though that since I borrowed the monitor, Teletest have taken the feedback on board and the monitors are now shipping with embedded audio. Great news and proof that a company like Teletest will listen to users and implement changes quickly. I had the opportunity to use this on a few shoots and all in all I was impressed with it’s performance. I’ve owned an IDX Wevi before, and now the Bolt and I would say that it stands up very strongly to both of these in terms of range. I certainly found that directors were impressed with the picture quality and seeing thing’s at full quality for a change rather than in SD 2.4ghz technology. Its still has the problem every HD system like this has, that when your signal drops out, the picture disappears (instead of breaking up like 2.4 ghz) it often stays out and a restart of the tx or rx is required for them to lock back in again. I’ve found that this immediately causes panic for many directors who start yelping, “lost picture, lost picture.”. I suppose benefits of an analogue 2.4 system is the picture doesn’t tend to drop out completely, rather more flicker. The directors enjoyed having it around their neck, commented on the picture quality and they couldn’t meddle with any of the settings, thanks to a blanking plate covering the monitor controls. I did find that when I needed to check my brightness and contrast etc, removing the said blanking plate wasn’t a quick on location job, so perhaps a quick release version in later models would be good. (again after