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reviewing this, Teletest have taken this feedback on board, and now ship with quick release thumb crews. Good work again Teletest.) The picture was sharp, certainly enough for focus pullers I would imagine and had a great picture. Crucially with zero delay on the picture. I felt that sometimes the picture had a slight magenta hue on the one I had but this seemed to disappear once the monitor had warmed up and been on for a few minutes. One of the shoots we took it on, we found ourselves fi lming in Richmond Park, a perfect place to test it’s line of sight range. We were very impressed as you can see from the ‘Where’s Wally’ style photo (image top right), spot the assistant and monitor. We calculated that the picture remained rock solid at about 40-50 metres. Would you ever need to use a directors PSC system like this over that sort of range, perhaps not, but it’s great to know that it’s possible. On another shoot I was fi lming in a commercial kitchen in a much smaller space than Richmond Park and we found that the monitor lost sync a few times, particularly when the director put his back to camera. It’s hard to say if this was just due to restrictions on the environment, given it’s good performance earlier that week in Richmond. Teletest would deal with a technical issues and you can probably speak to the guys who designed it directly.. This is more than what probably can be said for other larger international Monitor companies, whom you’d never speak to the main person. This home built product point, does mean that the fi nish on the tx and rx looks a little more, how should I say, boutique than perhaps a more mainstream product but this doesn’t effect it’s performance in the fi eld. It seems solid and would stand up to a few knocks on location. The entire kit, that’s the rx & tx, case, stand and monitor, with the vlock plates is £2150 + VAT. That’s not bad when some competitors, Once the directors had gotten their head around not panicking when the picture dropped out, they were very pleased with their new monitor. It’s also reassuring as a cameraman to glance at a monitor quickly that is a close representation to what you are shooting, rather than a low quality directors monitor that we are all used to. What does strike me, is when you by the Telesend, you would be buying British, the reassurance of buying something that’s built in the UK and has the back up and after sales that would almost be one to one. I am sure would charge near on that for the rx and tx alone and not the physical monitor too. All in all this monitor and wireless kit performed well. It was tidy of cables (none really other than then BNC.), and seemed to perform well. Some directors found the cutting out of the picture when it loses sync was frustrating and admitted to prefer the analogue monitor system. But when it worked well, they were very happy with It. The kit itself aesthetically, is no apple design icon, but you are supporting and getting the service from a British based company, and there is something nice about Buying British. The transmitter doesn’t get anywhere near as hot at the Bolt does and as such doesn’t have a fan that makes a noise like the Bolt, and this must be down to the extra space in the TX to dissipate the heat. It’s a great price point as a directors monitor but one downside is it does mean your wireless system is rooted to one monitor, should you decided to use it with a 17” monitor or in a studio environment. It does now ship with an SDI or HDMI output, so it can be plugged into a 17” monitor to receive a picture, it just means you need to mount the teletest somewhere when doing this. All in all if it’s a tidy HD directors monitor you are after, then this is suited as Teletest had set out to. No hassle plug and play system. Spot the assistant and monitor? TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 | 73