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NEWS Sk8ing dolly T he Sk8plate is a versatile Dolly system ideal for any camera set up including the new Alexa Amira. It is lightweight and very transportable packing down into a Laptop size bag. The Sk8track is 1650mm with 2500mm as an option but the beauty of the dolly is you can run it on whatever you can get your hands on if in a remote location. Extolling the benefits of new mastering toolkit T he new mastering features that SADiE has incorporated into its popular SADiE 6 editing and production software have been hailed as a major improvement by internationally acclaimed mastering engineer Eric Boulanger not least because they are saving him an enormous amount of time. Eric Boulanger is based at the world famous The Mastering Lab (TML), which was America’s first independent mastering facility when it was opened in 1967 by Doug Sax. Originally in Hollywood but now based on Ojai, California, TML remains a revolutionary state-of-the-art company that uses unique concepts of signal flow and electronics pioneered by Dougs brother, Sherwood Sax. All of its custom electronics and console are all purpose designed and handcrafted, and this attention to detail has earned TML more Grammy nominations for engineering than any other mastering facility. TML’s decision to upgrade its SADiE 6 software to the latest version, which includes the new mastering tools, came as a result of changes within the music business. Boulanger explains: “These days, artists and labels are mainly releasing Hi-res files (for example HDTracks); MFiTs, 16Bit digital downloads, and (maybe) CDs. Thanks to the new mastering features in SADiE 6, I can generate all of these files with just a few clicks of the mouse. The new software will also generate WAV file masters that are cut gapless and therefore maintain any track spacing, or fancy crossfades between tracks (like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, for example, or a live concert with applause segues). Now all the different products will match track length, etc.” or 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 The Sk8plate can be run underslung and is also a Hi-Hat and occasional Table Dolly. Manufactured with Aircraft Grade Aluminium it is the perfect travelling partner but is just as versatile in a studio or smaller space like an aircraft cockpit. The rental companies love it but the unit is such good value that the owner / operator can easily afford it as part their arsenal. Available to rent at Ferel Equipment, Procam, Aim Image, Pro-Motion and Acorn Film and Video (N. Ireland) and for sale through the European Distributor: Floating Motion and the manufacture Sk8plate As a Summer Special the Sk8plate is £1,249.00 +VAT. Sk8bags can be added for £149.00 +VAT Rent: Ferel Equipment, Procam, Aim Image, Pro- Motion and Acorn Film and Video (N.Ireland) Buy: Professional Bull Riders choose LiGHTCuBE M ultiDyne®, a leading provider of fiber-optic-based video and audio transport solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, tells us that Professional Bull Riders, Inc., (PBR) has chosen its LiGHTCuBE fiber- optic field transport system to broadcast their action packed bull riding events. Installed by ProVideo Systems, Inc. -- a full-service professional video, television, and production equipment dealer and systems integrator -- MultiDyne’s LiGHTCuBE is a fully customizable, rugged, and high- density solution that supports a wide range of signals, including composite, HD video, PL, IFB, audio, and more. Utilizing LiGHTCuBE, PBR can support up to 80 HD-SDI, SDI, or any combination of composite video, audio, data, and PL, over a single fiber-optic cable.