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NEWS Introducing the DK T7 M aser is introducing the next generation of audio metering and loudness products from world renowned Danish manufacturer DK Technologies. With the DK T7, everything you require is included within the list price; no need to purchase upgrades to fulfil functions that you thought were included in the original purchase. The multi touch 7” screen offers ultra wide viewing angles and a fast response to touch commands, HDMI and headphone outputs allow you alternative monitoring. World-first adaptors for AJA CION M TF Services Ltd. are proud to introduce the world’s first lens adaptors for the upcoming AJA CION digital production camera. With the support and cooperation of AJA in the United States, we have developed a range of adaptors so that when the day comes and your CION arrives at your doorstep, you won’t be held back by your choice of lens. Although the CION comes with the industry standard PL-mount out of the box, we understand that many of you own a vast collection of lenses from different camera systems. Come the day of the CION’s release, we will already have five different adaptors shipping. First up is an addition to our hugely popular Nikon G range. Complete with the aperture control ring you know and love, we are pleased to be able to offer future CION shooters the ability to use the extensive range of both new and old Nikon lenses, made ‘clickless’ by us for more control over your shot. Next up is our optical solution for B4 lenses. Compatible with any lens with a 2x extender, this adaptor allows you to maintain total sensor coverage with your high-definition B4 lenses. The multi layer coated optics inside the adaptor extend the image from it’s original 2/3” size to cover the Super35 sensor on the CION, maintaining the original angle of view of the lens. Finally, we have not one, not two but three adaptors for Canon lenses. Utilise those fantastic old FD lenses you’ve got laying around with the Canon FD to CION adaptor. For those of you with Canon EF lenses, we’ve got two options. First of all is the standard mechanical adaptor, designed to be used with EF-mount lenses that have an aperture ring on the barrel. The second option is an AJA CION version of our MTF EFFECT range of adaptors for electronic lenses. The MTF EFFECT EF to AJA CION - when used in conduction with the MTF EFFECT Control Unit - controls the iris in 1/8th stop increments and powers lens stabilisation and focus (for lenses with powered focus). All of the adaptors listed will be available for pre-order in July from with shipping to commence later this year. 32 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 Offering analogue, AES and 3G SDI inputs plus loop-through with on screen video monitoring and a PC editor, the DK has you well covered. All aspects of peak and loudness metering are included with bargraphs, moving coil emulation as well as loudness logging and true peak. The DK 7 adheres to all industry compliance standards. The Logging Application (PC) enables detailed logging and reporting of any loudness as well as True Peak events. Offering FFT spectrum analyser with 1024 filter resolution, DK T7 gives you instant inter-channel views. DKTechnologies’ well-known channel and phase tools JellyFish® and StarFish® give you the detailed graphical representation of each channel amplitude and phase relationship; perfect for balancing out your stereo or surround mix as well as resolving signal errors. For two-channel audio only, buy a DK T7 Stereo. If you require WFM rack mounting, order the PTO T7, otherwise you will require the DK T7.