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@videogareth Good times at the @tvbay tour today - caught up with @SparkyTuson & @focuscontrol, & got to hear @PhilipBloom talking about @OxMediaFactory 4K! #geekheaven Very engaging talk with @ hazvfx on #VFX @tvbay Tour @FilmmakerTheo with a sneak preview of his new fi lm. & Brilliant talks by @PhilipBloom Amazing stuff! #drones @stormguy today at the @tvbay show. Great event thanks! @FilmCharles Had a really good time at TV-bay today. Met and had a good chat with @PhilipBloom and saw some amazing products! @johnsonsamuel had a great day @tvbay @jonscottfilm show really enjoyed the @PhilipBloom @hazvfx thanks for the excellent talk talk on 4k for the masses and vfx advice @tvbay, really helpful. @KrissHampton Just won a rather nice backpack and Chromecast! thanks @GearhouseB great meeting you at the @tvbay event! #mademyday @KrissHampton Great hearing @LarryJordanFCP and @PhilipBloom @ActivideoComms yesterday at @tvbay. Its confi rmed the GH4 is for me! @hazvfx so glad we could help on location and kit for IRIS, it’s looking great, hope to see you @tvbay @PhilipBloom Very cool location for the @tvbay show today! Dragons Den filming just down there. @PieFactoryMCUK The @TVbay event is in full swing here at #ThePieFactory, let us know if you’re The @TVBay Spring tour was a blast! around and what your highlight has Big thanks to @PhilipBloom, @hazvfx, been so far! #TVBay #fi lm @LarryJordanFCP Alister Chapman, @TVBay & of course all of our great attendees! @Namak_Khoshnaw @CChapmanVisuals @LloydJC_ @PhilipBloom @tvbay I truly learned more on Wednesday than I did in my whole fi rst year of college, hope there’s another show soon At the s Great discussion between @tvbay in #London @PhilipBloom @ibartlettphoto presentation is great. #cimena #fi lmmaking #fi lm @PhilipBloom @dpbuzz Thanks to @PhilipBloom for helping me get Alister Chapman and my head round #4k at the @tvbay event. Just @hazvfx at tvbay today at need help getting my wallet to come round... The Pie Factory Stay tuned for the next event in November at TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 | 39