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individual sounds, called phonemes, that make up the spoken words. By analyzing phonemes instead of words, Nexidia’s patented technology is far more accurate than speech-to- text methods. It easily finds proper names or slang, is not thrown off by individual accents, and is more robust in searching noisy content. Dialogue Search supports dozens of languages and dialects. This capability increases monetization of media assets, improves turnaround times, increases accessibility for all users, maximizes the efficiency of the MAM, and decreases overall costs. In essence, integration with Nexidia’s APIs protects your investment in the MAM system by expanding its functionality and making it work smarter. Using Nexidia APIs, Dialogue Search is directly integrated with a number of popular MAM systems, including IPV Curator, Vizrt MAM Enterprise Solution, Dalet Media Life, Square Box CatDV, and soon, Avid Interplay MAM. Dialogue Search automatically accesses the media files and metadata stored in those systems. It also enables the export of search results as time-coded markers to those systems as well as into video-editing applications. When used with IPV Curator, for example, Dialogue Search results are directly integrated into the IPV Curator search experience, giving IPV users a new search method using words and phrases on top of their traditional search of logged metadata, enhancing the user’s ability to discover and reuse assets. Beyond compatibility with multiple MAM systems, Nexidia has also collaborated with Adobe on an extension that ensures seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro. This collaboration means that Adobe Premiere Pro users can leverage all of Dialogue Search’s functionality directly from Adobe Premiere Pro’s interface without having to leave the application. Simply by adding the Nexidia Dialogue Search extension panel to their workspaces, users can preview search results in a video player without having to scroll through numerous clips to find a specific sound bite or clip. The fact that Dialogue Search easily accommodates so many different MAM systems, is portable across different MAMs, and is able to connect to multiple MAMs, makes it especially valuable to multisite broadcasters and others who have adopted a “mix-and- match” approach, whereby they use different systems in different places depending on the creative need but still need to make sure they all work together. None of these integrations — and their resulting benefits — would be possible without a commitment to collaborative design. In other words, when manufactures make sure their products can play well together, as Nexidia has done with its partners, everyone wins. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 | 67