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Real-time data driven graphics on Big Hoss TV P anasonic Enterprise Solutions Company enlisted the help of Astucemedia a Montreal-based provider of live broadcast graphics services with an office in Dubai, UAE to provide visually rich graphics design with real-time data integration services to Big Hoss TV.   Recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest high-definition LED video board, Big Hoss TV enhances the fan experience for those attending NASCAR and other motor sports events at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas. The colossal screen which measures 218 feet wide by 94.5 feet high delivers spectacular broadcast-quality coverage of racing events as they take place, including field interviews with drivers and their pit crews, 1080p HD camera footage, instant replays of high-speed race action and interactive features and games for the fans at Texas Motor Speedway. The big board also displays live tweets and visually stunning real-time graphics depicting the drivers MPH, RPMs, speed, leader boards and other vital racing stats. Big Hoss TV is also the first instance where uncompressed 4K-resolution video renders directly out of a Viz Engine Vizrt’s 3D live graphics/video compositing rendering engine to the HD LED display. The HD LED drivers extract a 3K center-cut from the 4k Vizrt video output to generate an impactful display without quality compromise. This installation also utilized another Vizrt live graphics system the Viz Trio CG that complements the Viz Engine for rendering. The solution is controlled by Panasonics exclusive new stadium controller designed for complete Vizrt Integration. Delivering 4k routing solutions P ESA, a leading designer and manufacturer of professional audio and video distribution solution, has a new Cheetah 4k routing solutions. Built to manage the expanded bandwidth requirements of 4k signals, new routers are available in multiple configurations, while retrofit kits provide a simple plug- and-play upgrade solution for current 3G-SDI Cheetah routers. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 | 9