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NEWS IBC 2014 Mariner Stand RAI Amsterdam Conference 11-15 September 2014 Exhibition 12-16 September 2014 14L02 S ervice providers and media companies that are growing their video offerings to the cloud require Software Defined Monitoring for IP Video and Mariner is a world leader in IP Video monitoring with over 15 million devices under management. Scaling IP Video services to many devices is complex. Mariner has the best triangulation and correlation engine in the market, which provides operations teams with superior problem isolation for network devices, content offerings, and consumer issues. Its actionable analytics will increase customer satisfaction and reduce OPEX. Superior consumer endpoint visibility is a key requirement for subscriber quality of experience. At IBC2014, Mariner will demonstrate enhancements to its Mariner xVu™ Software Defined Monitoring solution for the cloud. Great customer service and QoE are the top reasons for maintaining subscribers, and service providers can only solve a problem if they know where it is. By turning endpoint devices into probes, Mariner xVu increases visibility anywhere, providing operators with powerful analytics and real-time monitoring tools to ensure a superior QoE on any screen. Thomson Video Networks Stand 14.A10 T homson Video Networks will showcase innovations that enable broadcasters to maintain their high video quality standards and evolve seamlessly, cost-effectively, and profitably as new live video paradigms emerge. Innovations on display will include the company’s Ultra HD playout solution powered by HEVC compression; premium compression systems for DVB-T2 terrestrial TV that deliver the most comprehensive channel line-ups and highest video quality; a new cloud-friendly platform for clean transmissions over the Internet as well as in ground-to-ground contribution; and a visionary new strategy to deliver both premium and high-density multi-channel content in a single architecture combining cloud, virtual, and in-house resources. Stand Stand 3.A54 N exidia will demonstrate Nexidia QC v2.3, an automated, file-based QC application that can automatically test critical components of media with proprietary technology -- tests that, until now, could only be performed manually. Nexidia QC contains unique tests to verify that closed captions are not only present, but also correct in terms of content, completeness, and timing, which no other media QC application can do. Additionally, Nexidia QC can report on the presence of video descriptions and can identify the audio languages that are present with the media. Nexidia QC automates manual processes to reduce operating expenses, automatically identifies and corrects caption timing errors to avoid regulatory fines, and enables a higher-quality experience for viewers across all platforms. Digigram Nexidia 8.C51 D igigram offer significant product enhancements and new product releases to both the company’s IP audio and IP video solutions. In extending RAVENNA/AES67 support across its range of IP audio codecs, the company offers high-performing audio-transport solutions that enable a seamless shift toward use of IP-based studio infrastructure and the many benefits it yields. Digigram will demonstrate its first cloud-based application engineered to simplify the management of a fleet of IP audio codecs. Digigram also will highlight IP video solutions that meet customer demand for higher-density encoding and packaging of streams for delivery to multiple CDNs and, ultimately, the broad array of viewing devices used today. Demonstrating that lower-cost systems can afford high performance in video contribution applications, the company will feature the latest addition to its AQORD line of IP video codecs. 22 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 92 AUGUST 2014 TV-BAY092AUG14.indd 22 08/08/2014 15:24