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V Connectivity Atomos has released an open and free HDMI Start/ Stop Trigger standard that other manufacturers can use. It could one day replace the ubiquitous SDI within broadcast facilities. “We love HDMI, but as it gets more popular on the camera side we need to help make it work in the pro world,” said Jeromy Young, chief executive of Atomos, “Historically this has only been achieved in the tech industry by creating an open standard, which is what we’ve done” Atomos has also cut the price of its Samurai Blade to US$995, a reduction of 20%. Digital cinematography Lenses Cooke Optics is to add more choices to its acclaimed lens ranges. The Anamorphic/i range will benefi t from 25mm and 135mm lenses that are expected to start shipping towards the end of 2014, followed by 180mm and 300mm lenses in 2015. In addition Cooke will add a 21mm lens to both the miniS4/i range and the 5/i series. Transvideo will show StarliteHD at IBC (11.F31), a precision 5-inch OLED fi eld monitor that can record H.264 dailies, take snapshots and generate a .pdf with metadata from ARRI and SONY cameras at each take. About the size of a smartphone and weighting 190 Grams, StarliteHD is a professional 3G-SDI fi eld monitor with a high-resolution waveform monitor and a precision vectorscope. Audio Acquisition Aaton-Digital will show its new 24 track Cantar-X3 recorder and new Aaton-Digital 5 Oled monitor at IBC (11.F31). The X3 combines the ergonomics of its predecessor, the X2, with improved microphone preamplifi ers that have been redesigned for better fi ltering possibilities and to reduce noise levels. New functionalities include optional Audinate’s Dante IP networking. The Aaton-Digital 5 Oled monitor, which can be used with the X3 as a video source monitor, is the Aaton version of the Transvideo StarliteHD monitor. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 93 SEPTEMBER 2014 | 11