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EDIUS EDIT ANYTHING The editi ng workstati on: the industry’s F1 racing car Edit stati ons need to be opti mized for media environments. The OS and creati ve soft ware have to be confi gured to share projects seemlessly across networks. Processors and drives must be selected to render and stream HD and 4K video fi les quickly and reliably. For stability under pressure, the hardware and the creati ve soft ware must be ti ghtly integrated. Time for the Expert The EDIUS System Integrator (ESI) programme brings the role of specialist resellers to the fore. They have years of experience, confi guring workstati ons, accelerati ng NLE soft ware and integrati ng creati ve tools with central storage. ESI partners give you: • • • • • A trusted way of investi ng in editi ng soft ware with no binding subscripti on Access to Grass Valley’s EDIUS professional editor at a highly competi ti ve price One-to-one advice from your preferred reseller The full benefi t of the reseller’s many years of experience Personal technical support and ongoing training Have the confi dence to att ack bigger, more demanding projects, with the support of industry-leading technical experts. Take advantage of the ESI program today. For more visit