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Filming at ‘Leap Factory’ Courmayeur, Italy Series 4; A climbers refuge at 3000 metres up in the Alps. Accessible only by helicopter ‘Lake Lugano House’ Lake Lugano, Switzerland Series 4; Cutting edge modernist house with 360 glass windows overlooking stunning lake Lugano. which is good. But it’s a bit of a fi ddle for some people and if you’re not used to these little audio recorders – it’s very easy to not press record and at the end of the day you have no audio. The other limitation is that the camera encodes at 38 Mbps data rate, which falls short of the broadcast requirement of 50 Mbps. So if you were to make a programme for terrestrial television you can only have 20% of your programme shot on such a DLSR because that’s the restriction – everything else must be at 50 Mbps. There are DSLRs now that do shoot at 50 –but the 5D, even the Mk III which I have, has that limitation. There is a further frustrating restriction that after 30 minutes of recording it drops out of record mode. This was done for tax reasons, to avoid the higher video camera tax rate. So for series 4 which we are shooting now I have upgraded my Polecam camera to the Canon C300 which in a stroke removes all these limitations. It’s not a DLSR, it’s a video camera, but I use the same Canon lenses and I think it’s the perfect camera for Polecam. With that change, and with my increasing skills with Polecam, I fi nd we are using it more and more – even for some of the presenter and contributor shots as it opens up the creativity with the moves I can make while shooting. I’ve also added two more carbon fi bre poles to the rig and added the Wire Strut system for stability on windy days with the larger camera and increased jib length. ‘The Exbury Egg’ Hampshire Series 2; An art project with local artist documenting local natural history for 1 year. ‘VW Camper Van’ Leicestershire Series 3; A classic split screen model lovingly restored. We are now shooting series 4 in Italy – demanding days, but satisfying. For the broadcast work I’m doing, I consider I now have the perfect kit to give me the open creativity I want. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 93 SEPTEMBER 2014 | 55