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CREATE A NEW USER ACCOUNT Just as preference files configure your editing application, they also affect the operating system. Sometimes, trashing preferences for an application isn’t enough, you may need to reset the entire OS. The easiest way to test whether this is necessary or not is to create a new user account. Since preference files are stored in the Home directory of each user, creating a new user account creates all new preference files for every application. This is essentially the same as resetting all your programs, without a lot of work. HERE’S HOW: IMPORTANT NOTE: Any files stored in your 1.Open System Preferences from the Apple menu. (Your screen may look different from mine, that’s OK.) 2. In the System section, open the Users & Groups icon to open that window. 3. Click the lock in the lower left corner and enter a administrator’s user name and password. This allows you to modify the settings in this window. old Home directory are NOT available to you when you log in as this new user. This is one of the key reasons I strongly recommend never storing projects or media in the Home directory. Open your application and project and see if things are working better. If so, great. If not, go on to the next section. REINSTALL THE APPLICATION 4. Click the Plus button to create a new user. If all these procedures don’t fix the problem, then its time to reinstall the application. How that is done varies by software and version. However, reinstalling the application does not reset preference files, which is why we did that first in an earlier step. 5. Create a test account with a user name and password. (Feel free to use the settings you see here, though you can use any User name you like.) Then click Create User. Open your application and project and see if things are working better. If so, great. If not, go on to the next section. CONTACT APPLE After you’ve done these basic steps, if you are still having problems, it is time to contact Apple Support for more sophisticated help. To save you time at the start of your support call, be sure to tell them what you’ve done. ONE THING NOT TO DO 6. Back in the Users & Groups window, be SURE to check: “Allow user to administer this computer.“ 7. Close System Preferences to save your changes. 8.Restart your computer and log into the new user account you just created. If you are a long-time Mac user, you may have reset the PRAM (Parameter RAM) on earlier systems to fix problems. This is no longer a good idea. This setting resets hardware at the deepest level, far removed from the applications which are actually causing the problems. In fact, resetting Parameter RAM can cause more problems than it solves. Only do this when instructed by Apple Support. Having system problems is a HUGE frustration. These steps will help get you up and running in no time. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 | 45 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 45 07/10/2014 15:39