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= the ultimate IP solution for intercom . . . ADAM | OMI DKP 16 CLD | RVON Up to 512 OMNEO ports DKP 16 CLD | RVON DKP 16 CLD | RVON KP 12 CLD KP 12 CLD RTS presents its latest generation of OMNEO-compatible matrix products, marking the first deployment of this breakthrough media networking architecture in the intercom industry. TECHNOLOGY RTS+OMNEO media networking is a major step forward in bringing AVB-compatible, low-latency, and IP-based media networking options to professional intercoms, providing unprecedented device inter- connectivity, signal quality and common control for networks of 2 to 10,000 devices. TM-10K FLEXIBILITY RTS ADAM professional intercom products can be deployed with a full IP infrastructure using currently available standard IP network hardware and to interconnect with a wide range of other RTS and third-party devices. ARNI 64 COMPATIBILITY Only RTS+OMNEO media networking provides backward compatibil- ity with RTS ADAM hardware, giving ADAM users the ability to grow into IP at their own pace. OMNEO will interoperate with AVB and Dante devices, providing access to a growing number of compatible products to integrate with RTS ADAM systems. 3 RP 1032 | OKI 2 LAN RP 1032 | OKI 1 RP 1032 | OKI GPIO-16 KP 12 CLD | OKI KP 12 CLD | OKI 1 Trunking data for the TM-10K Ethernet OMNEO connections Analog connections to the frames 2 64 Ethernet RVON connections GPIO-16 Please visit the RTS website: rts_omneo_ad_210x297_IBC.indd 1 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 47 7/28/14 PM 07/10/2014 3:55 15:39