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€ 18450 SONY » XDS-PD1000 CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Project italia srl ITEM ID 153917 CONTACT +39055 352285 XDCAM STATION » XDCAM Deck / IT Server with two SxS memory slots, Professional Disc drive and 1TB HDDThe XDS-PD1000 supports operation of all SxS card types, including Memory Stick and SDHC cards, using MEAD adaptors as well as all XDCAM Professional Disc models in all recording formats and modes.The Internal 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and the 1Gigabit Ethernet £ 1650 Sound Devices » 552 - CONDITION Used ITEM ID 153744 SELLER Pinknoise-Systems CONTACT 01453 825802 2 Units available - Used, but in great condition. 5 ins, numerous outs, including direct and digital options. Includes Pinknoise 90 day warranty. » 2 Units available - Great condition of the excellent Sound Devices 552. 5 input, numerous outputs including direct and digital options. Comes with Pinknoise 90 day warranty. £1650 Excluding VATSound Devices £ 3100 Zaxcom » Deva IV - CONDITION CONDITION Used SELLER 153749 CONTACT 01453 825802 Used, but in excellent condition. Includes Petrol Bag and accessories & 60 day Pinknoise Warranty. » This Deva IV is in excellent condition with little to no scratches. In fully working order, tried and tested by the Pinknoise team. Comes with cable accessories and keyboard as well as a Petrol Bag. Also includes a 60 day Pinknoise warranty. If you would like to Pinknoise-Systems ITEM ID Pinknoise-Systems CONTACT Sennheiser » MKH 70 153742 SELLER £ 835 Used ITEM ID 01453 825802 Used, but in excellent condition. Little to no scratches, includes original wooden box and Pinknoise 60 day warranty. Great long shotgun microphone! » This microphone is in excellent condition, with little to no scratches. Comes with orignal box that does look a bit scratched on the exterior but interior is intact and coushins the microphone perfectly. In fully working order, tried £ 3200 AIRPUL » AC8231 + AC8262 € 15600 SONY » PDW- - CONDITION ex-demo CONDITION New ITEM ID 155553 ITEM ID 155754 SELLER Project italia srl SELLER ES Broadcast Ltd CONTACT +39055 352285 CONTACT 01923 650 080 XDCAM HD422 PROFESSIONAL DISC RECORDER » PDW-HD1500 XDCAM HD422 PROFESSIONAL DISC RECORDERIT COMES WITH PDBK- S1500 SD OPTIONThe PDW-HD1500 will record and replay XDCAM HD 50 Mb/s 4:2:2 data onto 50 GB Dual-layer Professional Disc. With interfaces including i.LINK and Ethernet, the PDW-HD1500 can Wireless SDI transmitter AC8231 + SDI receiver AC8262 » Wireless SDI transmitter AC8231 + SDI receiver AC8262 - Special aluminium durable shell design - Zero latency video transmission - Full HD (1080p) video wireless link solution - Long range wireless transmission up to 200m - Working on 5HZ frequency Full HD Video with Zero Latency Designed with Wireless KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 | 79 TV-BAY095NOV14_GREEN.indd 79 06/11/2014 13:06