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5 In at number 5 is a Chamois leather lens cloth. Have you ever tried to wipe rain drops from a lens with a micro-fi ber lens cloth? They just smear the water all over the place. Tissues work for a couple of wipes before disintegrating in a mushy mess. A lens cloth made from a well washed Chamois Leather will absorb moisture leaving a wet lens dry. It won’t damage or scratch the lens and will last many years. It’s also tough enough to wipe ice off a frozen lens in arctic conditions. If the cloth gets dirty you can wash it in warm water with a few drops of dish soap. 6 Number 6 may be obvious - a camera rain cover. Your camera is likely to be worth thousands of pounds so treat it to a good quality rain cover. The cover should protect the camera, lens and batteries. It should be 100% waterproof. For a full size shoulder cameras with large buttons and switches a tight fi tting cover can work very well. For smaller cameras with fi ddly buttons a baggy cover that allows you to get your hand inside to press the tiny buttons is often a better bet. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 | 49