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Camera support Polecam has advanced its partnership with the Antelope PICO Ultra Slow Motion minicam by putting it into a re-designed FishFace waterproof housing on the end of a Polecam remote head lightweight jib arm. The combination allows Polecam to shoot aquatic sports in HD streaming Ultra Slow Motion from viewpoints above and below water level, potentially demonstrating new and spectacular shots and moves not seen before. The combination is said to open up new opportunities not only for sports viewing but also for natural history and industrial applications too as well as for the analysis of swimming, diving and other aquatic sports. Lighting Zylight has launched the F8-B, a black light version of its popular LED Fresnel. The new light offers a continuously adjustable beam angle (16-70 degrees) and features a proprietary ultraviolet chip for true black light applications, such as specialized lighting requirements. The F8-B provides four times the fl uorescent brightness of a traditional 400-watt Fresnel black light at the same distance, but only draws about one quarter of the electrical power. It also has a patented fl at focusing system, eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens and variable zoom control. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 | 9