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specifi cations, so they are very likely to have the right equipment in stock and be able to supply it the same day or for delivery next business day.” “LA Micro provide exactly what we need, and they provide it fast, so working with them is helping us to keep our customers happy and win new business,” concludes Kevin McIlduff. mtf Great Lens? State of the art camera? Let’s bring them together. Tel: 020 8881 7850 New Products for 2015 Being shown for the first time, MTF is pleased to introduce our latest active Canon lens adaptor system. A new range of adaptors to take Panavision lenses. In addition to all of the great features of the MK2, this latest version now boasts a wireless hand held controller and also A comprehensive range of adaptors for AJA Cion Cameras. features focus control. Plus it is still modular so the Available for Sony E Mount, Adaptors available for Nikon, Micro 4/3 Mount, C Mount and Canon are EF, an B4 authorised dealer for Now following new controller is compatible 2/3”, and the MTF brands. with all of the original MTF for the AJA Cion camera. Panavision lenses. EFFECT adaptors. STAND F29