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EQUIPMENT AUDIO | CAMERAS £6500 Canon » EOS C300EF - CONDITION CONDITION Used SELLER 153742 CONTACT +44 02083971407 Used Canon EOS C300EF super 35mm Full HD cinematography camcorder, Boxed, Hours 445 » Condition: Very GoodIncluded:1x Canon EOS C300EF Hours:4451x Canon Charger CG-9401x Canon Battery BP-9551x Canon Adaptor CA-9401x Adaptor Lead2x Power Lead1x Camera StrapUser Manual & Canon XF Utilities Disc 3.0Original Boxemail: aivis@ Pinknoise-Systems ITEM ID Digibroadcast CONTACT Zaxcom » Deva IV 159822 SELLER £1950 Used ITEM ID 01453 825802 Used, but in excellent condition. Includes Petrol Bag and accessories and 60 day Pinknoise Warranty. » This Deva IV is in excellent condition with little to no scratches. In fully working order, tried and tested by the Pinknoise team. Comes with accessories as well as a Petrol Bag. Also includes a 60 day Pinknoise warranty. If you would like to know more information about this unit, £22000 Grass Valley » LDK 8000 Elite Worldcam - CONDITION CONDITION Used SELLER 157207 CONTACT 01923 650 080 Camera Channel » LDK 5861\00 Camera BackLDK 5302\60 ViewfinderLDK 4502\02 CCULDK 4531\30 CCULDK 4640\10 OCP£22,000.00 eachA12 ES Broadcast ITEM ID ES Broadcast CONTACT ARRI » ALEXA Classic 159885 SELLER £23820 Used ITEM ID 01923 650 080 Digital Camera Set » Firmware: Alexa_9.0:25486 / Sensor mode: 16:9 / Operating time: 3384 h / Licence installed: Highspeed (120 fps)Each set includes: Arri Alexa Classic Camera Body Arri Top Handle & Handle Extension Block HEB-2 Arri EVF Bracket Assembly Arri Alexa EVF-1 Arri Alexa Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1 Arri Short EVF Cable KC 150-S Arri Medium EVF Cable £16000 Grass Valley » LDK-8000 Worldcam complete channels 6 available CONDITION €8960 Panasonic » SD System Camera Package - used - SELLER WTS Broadcast 153726 CONTACT 02036671921 SELLER BPM Broadcast CONTACT 0049 - 40 - 55 76 CONDITION ARRI » AMIRA Used ITEM ID Documentary style camera » 1 Arri K0.0001092 Amira Camera Set with Premium License - all included package 1 Arri K2.0001107 PL LDS Lens Mount 1 Arri £3500 144426 CONDITION 3x Panasonic AW-E860L SD System Camera (with lens and/or viewfinder, Pan Tilt System) mit remote control unit and camera control unit, zoom remote €POA New ITEM ID New ITEM ID 159708 SELLER Somos Broadcast CONTACT +36 1 4608050 Fibre camera channels » Channel Components:CAMERALDK-8000/61 - LDK-8000 HDTV Worldcam camerahead, full multi-formatLDK-5476/21 - HD fibre adapter, analogue audio with angled Lemo connectorVIEWFINDERLDK-5302/60 - 2-inch HDTV viewfinderBASE- STATIONLDK-4503/02 - Fibre base unit HDTV for ethernet useLDK-4510/40 - HD €195000 ARRI » Arriflex D-21 Grass Valley » LDK-8000/61 CONDITION Used SELLER ES Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER AVPRO ITEM ID 157565 CONTACT 01923 650 080 ITEM ID 154136 CONTACT +34 626 49 15 30 2 x ARRI ARRIFLEX D-21 (Film-Style Digital Camera Sets) » Inventory: D-21 Camera D-21 Viewfinder D-21 Ground Glass D-21 Glow mask Eyepiece and Eyecup 24V On Board Splitter FE-3 Extension BP8 Bridge Plate Balance Plate Pair of Long Bars Pair of Short Bars Camera to Battery Cable ARRI Long Eyepiece Pouch ARRI General Pouch £3,500.00 per set excluding VAT 80 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 8 x LDK-8000 triax channels » Configuration:- LDK-8000/60 x 6 + LDK-8000/71 x 2- 8 x LDK- 4502HD Basestation analog triax- 8 x LDK-5860/01 HD Triax adapter- 8 x LDK-5302/60 2”” CRT Viewfinder- 8 x LDK-4640/01 OCP- 8 x LDK-5031/10 Tripod plate- 8 x LDK-5903/00 DC Power for OCP- 4 x LDK-4021 7”” CRT Viewfinder- 4 x LDK-6517 Viewfinder support- 1 x LDK-4488