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£350 £3230.00 Grass Valley » Turbo iDDR - 1 Sony » J-H3 CONDITION Used SELLER Finepoint Sales CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock ITEM ID 159813 CONTACT 01737 370033 ITEM ID 154067 CONTACT 02088821111 Hard disc recorder player » Used SD Hard Disc recorder £450 Sony J-H3 HDCAM Digital Video Cassette Player Analog HD SD Tape Playback JH3 » Sony J-H3 HDCAM Digital Video Cassette Player Analog HD SD Tape Playback JH3In good condition and full working orderOuter casing has a few marks on the lid as shown in picture 3, this has no effect on the operation of the unitTo reduce the size and cost of HDCAM off line editingThis machine £11400.00 JVC » BR HD50 Sony » SRW-5800 CONDITION Used SELLER Sentinel Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock ITEM ID 144564 CONTACT 01252 870009 ITEM ID 154020 CONTACT 02088821111 HDV VTR » We have several Used JVC BR-HD50 HDV VTRs (all have under 170 drum hours from new) with HDMI monitoring output, firewire I/O, mains power unit supplied but does have a 12v DC input for location powering if required. The companion model to ProHD camcorders, this HDV/DV spooler is designed to transfer video and audio data to a non-linear editing Sony SRW-5800 HDCAM SR - HD Digital Video Cassette Recorder LOW HOURS HKSR-5001 » Sony SRW-5800 HD Digital Video Cassette RecorderModel: SRW-5800 IN GOOD CONDITION AND IN FULL WORKING ORDERHKSR-5001 Card IncludedFree FAST WW UPS DeliveryLow Hours Operation 39036 HoursDrum Running 5118 HoursTape Hours 3752 HoursThreading £2500 Panasonic » AJ- HD1400 - CONDITION Used ITEM ID 153710 SELLER Gearhouse Broadcast CONTACT 0845 8200000 Sony » XDS-PD2000 CONDITION ex-demo SELLER WTS Broadcast ITEM ID DVCPRO HD VTR » Drum Hours from 273Contact us for more details £14000 157418 CONTACT 02036671921 Advanced Professional Media Station with Dual SxS Card Slots and Quad Layer Professional Disc Drive » The XDS-PD2000 is a blend of video server technology integrated with Sony SxS memory card readers, and our new 4th generation Professional Disc drive with front panel controls similar to XDCAM decks. The XDS-PD2000 has 0.5 TB of solid state internal storage, has dual SxS £9750 Sony » HDW-D1800 - £599 Sound Devices » PIX 220 - CONDITION Used CONDITION New ITEM ID 153708 ITEM ID 153740 SELLER Gearhouse Broadcast SELLER Pinknoise-Systems CONTACT 0845 8200000 CONTACT 01453 825802 HDCAM recorder with CineAlta 24P record feature and MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam playback » Drum hours from 581Contact us for more details 4 Units available - All of which are brand new, sealed in original boxes. £599+VAT » 4 Units available - All of which are brand new, sealed in original boxes. £599+VAT! Includes 12 Month UK warranty with each unit. Please note that these are the original PIX, not the “”i”” Version.Sound Devices PIX 220 and PIX 240 video recorders add Quicktime KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 | 95