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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Batteries PAG will be showing its PAGlink digital linking battery system, now available in V-Mount and Gold Mount formats, at BVE (Stand C12). PAG sales director Nigel Gardiner said: “PAGlink batteries are not only smaller and lighter than our competitors batteries of equivalent capacity, they also feature the industry’s most advanced technology, developed and manufactured in the UK by PAG.” The PAGlink system will be shown powering Polecam and Steadicams at BVE. Features include longer run-time from the combined capacities of two or more batteries and a current-draw of up to 12A for power-hungry applications. Stand C12 Stand L20 Video Transmission On a multi-camera production it’s not always possible to run cables to every camera vantage point but it’s important that the feed from the wireless camera is reliable and the operator shares the same feedback from the production team as if they were on a wired link. A bonus would be if those at the production centre had an overview of all that was visible from this remote point. The new CW-F25 enables this to happen in a cost effective solution using worldwide standard 802.11n technology. To get the quality needed to mix seamlessly with wired camera systems 4 x 4MIMO channels are utilised with OFDM/64QAM modulation to achieve a maximum data rate of 300mbps. This supports H264/25Mbps high profi le video with 4 channels of embedded audio and time code data. Uniquely the product also supports a second video stream over the link from an IP camera or the G-Bit Ethernet connector on the receiver can be used to route the main feed into an IP server or network. • • • • • full project management custom made or off-the shelf modular solutions free de- sign service 14 | KITPLUS - TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 98 FEBRUARY 2015 •