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If you’re considering purchasing a portable hand held instrument ask yourself these questions? Made in the UK *PHABRIX SxE • Do you need a combined generator, analyzer, monitor with 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI as standard with a sophisticated video and audio toolset never more than two button presses away from operation? • Does it have the video industries’ most powerful on-board portable generator offering SMPTE specified test patterns including moving zone plate and the ability to add your own custom test patterns? • Does it offer an inbuilt eye and jitter toolset within the product plus automated measurements to SMPTE standard, - no tricky bolt -on? * • Can it support 16 channels of audio with a dedicated AES in and out? • Does it offer alarms and logging and browser remote control access from anywhere in the infrastructure connected to a network? • Can you track pixel data from the picture, through to placement on a • Combined Generator/Analyzer/Monitor • 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI • Physical layer Eye and Jitter • AES I/O • Ethernet Remote control • Dolby E/D/D plus option full frame video data screen with waveform position - automatically? • Is the form factor easy to hold and use - even behind the broadcast bay in an OB truck - with up to 2 hours untethered operation? PHABRIX TAG • Does it run on an industry standard sophisticated operating system? • Can it create reports for you and export them off the instrument to a printer - saves all that messy offline report creation thanks to its HTML and configurable print report feature? PHABRIX™ Sx • Does it support bit-stream/metadata ans audio levels display in Dolby E, D and D plus formats for both generation and analysis modes? inc £2 • Can you upgrade it over the network due to its FPGA technology - no ing lud return to base for upgrades? Phabrix® Limited Omega House, Enterprise Way, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4AE UK tel + 44 (0)1635 873030 email: 9 P39 e P39 s ca PHABRIX ry If you know all this already you probably own a PHABRIX Sx. If not come and see the Sx in action at BVE London or call for a demonstration on 01635 873030 ar ec • Has the product proven itself with over 4000 in daily use? • Does it have a 2 year warranty with free lifetime software upgrades? New low cost Analyzer/Monitor • HD/SD-SDI I/O • Dual port optical SFP (replaceable cage) • PAL/NTSC input with AES EYE view • Reference I/O with Reference waveform view • AES I/O, stereo balanced audio I/O • Dolby® E/D/D Plus support option • Generator SDI/PAL/NTSC option • 3G option • Sx range of software options SFP • User replaceable battery • Ethernet remote control 19 world-wide for its products with UK manufacture? fre • Has the company you're purchasing from won 11 technology awards