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requirements from all broadcasters and downlink houses. Whether you have superfast fibre connections or no connectivity at all, an encoder is available that will work over the network you have. Hardware and software that uses error-correction protocols, ensures that the encoder you chose will give you the best quality of experience. For example, the MV5000 and HV9000 codec systems from NTT Electronics offer excellent quality, stability and low latency and are widely used throughout the broadcasting industry. Additionally Teracue’s ENC-300 encoder is a small form factor unit designed for point-to-point and direct live streaming from the field. But what happens when you get to the site, have all your cameras set up and the production team ready to go only to find that the connection from the venue is not what you were promised? The good news is that you don’t have to rely on venue connectivity. You can use cellular bonding encoders, or Ka-Band, BGAN or Ku-band satellite uplink terminals, or a combination of all to get your content into your network. Solutions are available that can support powerful industry standard error correction protocols such as Pro-MPEG, ARQ/TCP and Zixi, for robust and protected delivery over public networks. The decoder is all about presenting the right output to the rest of the chain. We’ve provided proven and well deployed receiving facilities at many major broadcasters and downlink facilities in the UK, matching the client’s work-flow and infrastructure requirements. The world of content gathering continues to increase in scale and reach. It’s a good thing the technology available continues to not only keep pace, but provide broadcasters with ways to expand their offerings, find new revenue streams, and keep their audiences happy.     Wireless HD We Supply You Produce Picture Canning North - Suppliers to the film and TV industry > Fast, reliable service > 24/7 back-up > competitive rates > expert knowledge We are experienced in: Drama, features, commercials, documentaries, broadcast, factual and entertainment. For more information or to request a quote call: 0191 265 0061 call us for: Camera crew, lighting, audio, grip, on site infinity corner cove, bespoke camera and crew vehicles. | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 99 MARCH 2015 | 53