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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE by Will Strauss “ As we move swiftly from BVE to NAB (via CABSAT) it is interesting to note a subtle seachange in the way broadcasters choose and apply technology. Gone are the days when cabling, patch bays and VTRs were dark arts, the secrets of which were passed down from engineer to engineer. Thanks to increasingly commoditised devices, the influence of IT and technology aficionados feeling less threatened by people knowing their business, the gap between those that use the equipment and those that install and understand its machinations is slowly narrowing. Either prompted by this change, or perhaps inspiring it, manufacturers are developing products that don’t just save money and make things quicker and/or more efficient. In some cases they are also making them much easier to use. Manufacturers aren’t daft. They know that making kit ‘idiot proof’ (in the nicest possible sense) can be a very persuasive force. And broadcasters know that something that is user friendly potentially reduces the number of people that are required to make it work. The news that Sky News has opted to install Blackmagic’s ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher (and ATEM 2 M/E panel) is perhaps indicative of this. As George Davies, Head of Operations, said: “For staff new to gallery operations the Blackmagic workflows we’ve implemented in Studio D have been both easy to learn and use, while the broadcast standard architecture and workflows have been easy enough to understand and adapt to for our more skilled operators.” True, we don’t know that Sky News is actively looking to use less people on its bulletins or that its technical folk are being more open to sharing their secrets. But what we do know is that changes in technology is now making this scenario possible. “ Technical inclusivity rather than exclusivity, while a kick in the stones for luddites the world over, is to be embraced. Slo-mo I-MOVIX will show off a 4K ultra-slow motion system at NAB (booth C8525) that supports both continuous super slow motion and ultra slow motion at frame rates of up to 1000fps. Combining the core X10 ultra-motion technology with Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera, the X10 UHD supports operation in a range of modes to meet differing production requirements. I-MOVIX will also launch an RF-enabled wireless version of the X10 UHD in Las Vegas. Laurent Renard, the chief executive of I-MOVIX, said: “Ultra motion is all about revealing the invisible and always capturing something new and fresh from the action. Now with the introduction of the wireless X10 UHD RF, the cameras can get really close up and capture even more sensational shots at thousands of frames per second, with live and replay streams and with standard RF equipment brands.” BROADCAST FIBRE OPTIC SOLUTIONS OB and Field Deployable Applications Caddie-LB 4K Caddie-LB 3G BlueLite BC364 Wavelength Mapping ShaxX Power Insertion Infrastructure BC365 12G-SDI BC860 Gigabit A complete range of modular field proven interfaces. From compact stand alone units to complete optical networks. Broadcast Specialists 06 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 99 MARCH 2015