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CONNECTED THE CHANGING FACE OF FILMMAKING W by George Oliver ith the convergence of technologies and blurring of lines between broadcast and other forms of media, the industry has undergone a seismic shift over recent years. In 2015 half of all UK ad spend will be spent on digital, in what has been described as a “seminal moment in the history of the ad industry”. Client budgets are being spread across multiple platforms, and expectations and quantity of content are dramatically increasing. How does the industry supply this demand whilst successfully adapting to the changes? Enter Movidiam, a professional creative network and collaborative project management application. Specifically designed for filmmaking, it aims to reimagine the way films are created. Movidiam allows brands, agencies and filmmakers across the globe to connect, collaborate and create incredible films by streamlining the production process from concept to completion, so you spend less time organising and more time creating. Movidiam was created out of the challenges and frustration that both my business partner Alex Vero and I felt in our creative agency, Pendragon Productions. Trying to source freelance filmmakers quickly, keep track of expenses, collect client feedback and tackle general admin meant that we were using multiple project management tools; they were great for certain tasks but not specifically relevant to filmmaking, not to mention the expenses of having numerous subscriptions. very different workflows, they all wanted a single platform that would streamline their operations, reduce overheads and provide quick access to talented filmmakers around the world. As opposed to collaborating around media we’ve focused on collaborating around people. We wanted to create a destination that would become your everyday filmmaking dashboard; one that fused together a social community, project management tools and a secure payment engine. We looked at all the pain points that we were encountering and consulted with other agencies, production companies and filmmakers to find out theirs. What became apparent is that even though they all had From receiving real time visibility of your network to ensuring that you’re paid as agreed, by using our secure payment process, we’ve packed it all in. Organise your network into groups or the people on your project into sub- teams for increased efficiency and structure. Movidiam also offers secure media storage that is integrated with current web solutions, such as Dropbox. 72 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 99 MARCH 2015