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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER “ If you want to see how much TV distribution has changed in recent years, just take a look at France Telecom-owned GlobeCast, still the eighth biggest teleport operator on the planet (according to the World Teleport Association). Linear playout is very much part of its business but the real opportunities lie, and have done for some time, in content management and alternative distribution platforms. So much so that the company is now providing OTT services for live, VoD and streaming and is exhibiting at TV Connect, a show dedicated to “monetising the evolution of TV everywhere.” As Pete Elvidge, the head of global media management at Globecast, says: “As a service provider, our role has evolved beyond supporting linear channels with playout and delivery services. It’s all about getting content out in as many formats and for as diverse screens as consumers demand, ensuring it reaches the widest possible audience. We have longstanding expertise in managing and delivering content to different platforms, across different regions, helping customers to localise and monetise their content.” Channel playout used to be far simpler. Chances are, with multi-platform potentially just being a means to a completely different end - one that is even less linear, more personalised and delivered to devices that haven’t been invented yet - it will get more complicated before it gets easier. “ IP-based vision mixer Suitcase TV Ltd will be offering demos of its iphrame Vision product at NAB. A tool that enables broadcasters to stream live events over IP, iphrame Vision dispenses with an array of typical equipment and associated transport costs. The need for on-site staff is vastly reduced resulting in savings in travel and accommodation. “Because iphrame Vision is IP based, it offers the potential for remote operation from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection,” explains Ed Calverley, product manager at Suitcase TV. “Whilst the savings for broadcasters covering things like Rio 2016 will be immense, it also opens the way for the low-cost broadcast of smaller events.” EPG metadata Trive ni Digital has added remote programme editing functionality to the cloud- based service that is provided by its GuideBuilder metadata generation platform. GuideBuilder Cloud features a Web-based user interface, centralized control and management capabilities and network-based PSIP carousel download. The new remote programme editing functionality is said to make it easier and more cost effective for broadcasters to create electronic programme guide (EPG) metadata for all their DTV signals. “Given the fast-paced nature of the industry, broadcasters today need a solution that offers hands-off maintenance while providing full programme editing fl exibility from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets,” said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and marketing at Triveni Digital. “By allowing users to edit programme metadata freely from anywhere and on any device, GuideBuilder Cloud service provides broadcasters additional control and fl exibility while maximizing their operational effi ciencies and cost savings, completely eliminating the maintenance associated with a local solution.” Using the turnkey solution, broadcasters can handle listing inputs for both legacy ATSC and ATSC M/H, enabling delivery of PSIP data for DTV services on TVs and mobile DTV-enabled PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices. The cloud-based GuideBuilder service can be used in a variety of confi gurations ranging from a single low-power station to multiple stations as part of a group environment. Triveni Digital will showcase the new remote program editing functionality at NAB (booth SU8802). 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015