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COMMENT 6 rules for the mountains… TOP FIVE most viewed BVE inter- views. View them all at: 5 by Steffan Hewitt JVC GY-LS300 4k large sensor camera 4 T here are many rules (more than 6) to working in the mountains & having just returned from the 75th running of the most famous Downhill Skiing event in the world - The Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria, here are a few essentials! 1. Thermals, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, jackets, salopettes and lots of socks. Layers, Layers, Layers! 2. At least TWO pairs of gloves with you at all times - when one gets wet you need the others! cameras are diffi cult with frozen fi ngers! Sachtler Speed LevelClamp 3 3. Crampons. 65 degree slopes can be a tad slippy! 4. Make some extra sandwiches at breakfast - you never know when you’ll get food! Steal whatever food you can and if you are near a Red Bull hostility unit - make friends! Photon Beard LED Redhead 2 5. Good radiator in your hotel room for drying stuff. Don’t leave your boots in the car - your feet will NEVER warm up the next day. 6. ……and of course - a Leatherman! Even if it’s just for opening a bottle of beer...or schnapps! BeyondHD - Exoskeleton 1 BeyondHD - Letus Helix Gimbal System 40 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015