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Tom Paterson, DOP, UK: Tom has used the Toshiba HD minicam since it came out but has recently purchased the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4, a CSC camera (Compact System camera) without a moving shutter that will take stills but also 4K video. “This is a remarkable camera and amazing value” says Tom. “I have used it already on my Polecam for several shoots and the video quality is superb. The latest was a promotion for a London West End musical where I recorded on- camera in UHD (3840x2160, 25p at 100 Mbps), and sent a down-converted SDI signal to the vision mixer via a Black Magic Design HDMI to SDI converter box.” “Camera control is via the Panasonic Image App on an iPad which receives a WiFi signal from the camera and allows full control of lens and camera functions. Providing production with a 4K iso copy of my footage allows them to insert full resolution images and achieve greater manipulation in post than would be otherwise possible. The small size and weight of the camera means it punches way above its league on the end of a Polecam and gives the operator far more reach potential than a heavier camera would do.” Steffan Hewitt, Extreme Sports Cameraman / DOP, UK: Someone who knows more than most about minicams, as the designer of Polecam: “The minicam arena has got really exciting with the launch of the two new Toshiba cameras. First we have the IK-HD5, a 3 MOS chip camera which has only been out a short while but they have been literally flying out the door here for in-car use coupled with the new Fujinon TA4-XA-1 full HD 4mm lens. This combination produces stunning quality full 1080P pictures.” “Then at the top end we have the new Toshiba IK-4K, the world’s smallest 3 chip UltraHD 4K video camera providing 8Mp 3842x2160 output and showing extraordinary detail up to 1600 TV lines resolution.” “As if that wasn’t enough now we have a high speed minicam, the Antelope PICO that will produce HD Ultra Motion – up to 350 fps. It’s an amazing small camera that will get wonderful slow motion images from places and viewpoints that has not been possible before. It mounts easily on Polecam and will also fit in our underwater housing to shoot over and under water. It’s already been used for swimming and diving analysis and sports coverage, and for F1 Pit Stop analysis too. We stock all these new cameras and can advise on all technical and practical issues.” VMCloud Ltd VMCloud Channel in a Box * * * * VM-Playout: Schedule & Playout Tool VM-CG: Channel Branding Tools VM-Ingest: Content Recording VM-Streamer: Streaming Output « The Only Playout System That Provides Every Codec » Call us on 02030519629 VMCloud Limited, Westgate House, Westgate, W5 1YY