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with its application-specific technologies to support our aims is very important. LiveU Central is key to this,” says Hansen. “We are also using LU-Smart technology, providing cellular bonding on smartphones. We have 100 licences and ten ad-hoc licences too for other employees and also for the public. These can be activated on a temporary basis via LiveU Central and can be set up in a matter of a minute or two. We use the technology mainly with reporters who have permanent licenses. We have developed reporting kits, including microphones, which means that journalists can go live wherever they are and bring the story to viewers as it happens,” he adds. News - and viewers’ expectations of what that is – has changed massively. Speed and bringing the viewer into the action are vital. There’s also a lot of competition in the market – the two other main broadcasters that VG competes with in Norway also use LiveU technology to a certain extent. Hansen says, “The desire to increase our use of live content is there all the time and we are always exploring ways to do that. We usually use LiveU live rather than store and forward. If we do the latter, it’s actually usually the case that we do it live and record to server and we can then play that out “as-live” when we want.” Cellular coverage is very good in Norway with 4G nearly everywhere, though of course that hasn’t always been the case. VG uses Ka-Sat in a couple of instances; the odd occasion where there’s no mobile network coverage, in a narrow valley perhaps; and also when they need an exceptional amount of bandwidth – say 10 Mbit/s uplink guaranteed. With cellular they achieve 3-8 Mbit/s. Summary News and newsgathering has changed forever over the last two decades, not least because of the growth of the internet and available bandwidth. LiveU’s technology has allowed VG to provide its customers not only with online video news, but it’s also central to the success of its linear TV channel launched in November 2014. From smartphone app to the flagship LU500, VG can select the most appropriate device for each story and immerse the viewer. With a unified management platform – LiveU Central – sitting at the heart of operations, VG can continue to expand its use of cellular uplinking.