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IN PRACTICE: In order for this initiative to succeed, the following parameters need to be satisfied: • Cost-effective deployment and maintenance of theme-based channels. • Automated and reliable content refresh. • Minimal reliance on multiple components (i.e., compact and robust implementation). • Ability to secure, deliver and monetize the content across multiple screens, devices and networks. Media Excel has pioneered this strategy and contributed substantially to the success of such initiatives for operators worldwide. The HERO Encoder/Transcoder solution natively delivers support for: • Multiscreen encoding, which Produces adaptive variants for every screen, network and device. • • Content encryption, which satisfies diverse content delivery restrictions across multiple workflows and DRM/CA platforms. • Ad signaling/insertion, which Enables dynamic insertion of SCTE-35 markers across diverse adaptive delivery workflows and ad services. Additionally, the adaptive delivery outputs are conditioned for on-the-fly ad replacement and personalization. Virtual Playout, which allows for dynamic playlists to be ingested as linear feeds, integrating directly with CMSs for seamless content acquisition and refresh. Metadata are also ingested and transcoded in-line with the media assets to enable content specific user interaction. Also, live content can be sliced into the playout schedule to further underscore the identity and value of the new program. Please contact Media Excel for more case studies and related demonstrations at Media Excel’s partner in the UK/Europe is Garland