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£ 2500 SONY » DME-7000 CONDITION Used SELLER WTS Broadcast ITEM ID 144331 CONTACT 02036671921 B R O A D C A S T Digital video effects unit » Digital video effects unit £ 5495 Streamstar » Webcast Touch Pro - CONDITION New ITEM ID 161003 SELLER TNP Broadcast CONTACT 01923 712 712 with Slo motion » A robust, extreme performance, professional streaming video production switcher.WEBCAST TOUCH is a no-compromise, professional, multi- camera streaming production switcher. 1080 streaming, full HD recording, Replays and Slow motion, graphics, DSK, instant media playout, playlists, audio mix ? everything included.Operated from a £ 4750 Blackmagic » Design Broadcast Videohub Specialist Suppliers To The Industry +44 (0) 1923 650 080 £ POA EVS » XT2 HD 6 Channel CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION Used SELLER ES Broadcast ITEM ID 161143 CONTACT 2088821111 ITEM ID 153724 CONTACT 01923 650 080 Blackmagic Design Broadcast Videohub SD/HD 3Gb/s SDI Router Deck Control Matrix » IN GOOD CONDITION AND IN FULL WORKING ORDERFree FAST WW UPS DeliveryWith Software, power adaptors and user guide.Broadcast Videohub lets you connect all the equipment in your facility and easily change connections from your computer’s desktop. Broadcast Videohub HD Production Server » EVS XT2 HD 6 ChannelHD Production ServerD78 £ 30000 SONY » MVS-8000 £ 70000 CONDITION Used SELLER ES Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 157358 CONTACT 01923 650 080 ITEM ID 146907 CONTACT 01932 240305 Sony MVS-8000 » Sony MVS-8000 (80inputs, 48outputs) 4ME, 4CF, 4 Key/ME, each witth Chroma-Key, Macros, snapshots, shotbox, frame/stillmemory Sony MVE-9000, 2 twin-chanels (fill+key), all options 4 M/E controlpanelB34 Filmlight » Baselight 2 .tv Baselight 2 Complete System Available » BASELIGHT TWO FILM/VIDEO GRADING SYSTEM Version 4.4 5U rack mountable chassis with 40 TB of formatted RAID storage (2 TB disks) High performance floating point rendering system with GPU acceleration Dedicated GUI PC, D14 keyboard and mouse Unlimited primary and secondary grading events Flexible and combinable KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015 | 93