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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Camera support The TDT Remote Crane System was amongst a number of new compact and portable hardwaresupport systems introduced by Egripment at NAB. The TDT Remote Crane System is a lightweight, modular length, remote crane, dolly and remote head. The remote head on the TDT features the best qualities of Egripment’s Scanner and 306 Heads and incorporates them into product that is designed for ENG and smaller digital fi lm cameras. Controls for the remote head are located at the back of the crane on specially designed brackets that are said to allow for very comfortable handling by the operator. With arm sections of just fi ve-feet-long, the modular TDT system is considered compact enough for easy and convenient transportation in a small vehicle. The ProTraveller System, Universal Dolly, Focus Dolly Light and Aluminum Pack Track were also on display. See interview The Vitec Group’s O’Connor showed off its new camera and lens agnostic O-Rig 15mm rod support system at NAB. The hand-held support rig is designed to work with any camera/lens combination in 15mm LWS (Light Weight Support) confi guration, including the latest offerings from Sony, Canon, Nikon, ARRI, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Vision Research and Red. The O-Rig has a proprietary universal baseplate that enables quick camera and lens changes. A height adaptor offers cover for all camera bodies, providing rotation of wide- angle fi lters, and increases the lens coverage of O’Connor’s O-Focus follow focus unit. Steven Turner, product manager for O’Connor, said: “All of O’Connor’s products are engineered to meet the demands of todays challenging camera work, and now, more than ever, fl exibility is key.” Remote cameras Bradley Engineering used NAB to unveil the fi nished version of a small remote- controlled 4K camera that was designed in collaboration with JVC and Altasens. It features a full -Super 35 sensor from Altasens - as used in the JVC GY-LS300 camera - and a Micro Four Thirds lens interface that offers adaptors for B4 and PL mounts. MFT Zoom servo lenses are available and can be added, if required. The output is by fi bre, directly from the camera. A Bradley Base Station provides a Genlock input, a TTL level control protocol and a dual ST fi bre connection to distances up to 20 kilometres which includes full control and genlock. The design is based on Bradley’s U3 camera head, a PTZ camera with 99 pre-set positions that can be recalled remotely. Managing director David Bradley said: “The collaboration behind this project has been amazing, with engineers from all three companies, working together as a single team.” See interview 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015