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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT Colour management Codex has launched a new device for creating, managing and reviewing camera looks and colour grades on- set directly from live HD-SDI camera feeds. Review Live allows colour choices to be applied automatically when generating deliverables via Codex Review. It can also export to various formats for application further downstream in the workflow. The company said Review Live could help “communicate the creative intent from the set, and form the starting point for colour-consistent dailies and post-production deliverables.” Codex Review Live works with Tangent panels for interactive on-set primary colour grading, and third-party 3D LUT boxes, such as the Fujifilm IS-mini. The system can control and manage up to 32 3D LUT boxes, installed in-line with the HD-SDI outputs of the camera, and supply on-set monitors with colour graded HD-SDI signals. A range of colour parameters including offset/power/slope/saturation can be adjusted. Production suite NewTek has unveiled 3Play Mini, a portable device for adding professional quality instant replay, slow motion and transition effects and other integrated production capabilities to coverage of a sporting event. Used in tandem with up to four off-the-shelf HDMI cameras 3Play Mini can produce multiple angle slow motion instant replays, edit highlights, roll stored video packages, create effects and transitions and publish to social media. Operators can control it with a touchscreen wireless mobile device or use an optional 3Play control surface. Dr. Andrew Cross, president and chief technology officer at NewTek said: “There are countless events that are too remote or unstructured for bigger gear and frankly the opportunity to consider any system at all may not even occur to people trying to produce small shows on modest budgets. We created 3Play Mini for producers who are at the mercy of their equipment size, budget, and ability to react and move quickly to catch the action.” QC Vidcheck has launched Vidapps- Video, a plug-in for Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC that allows users to check and automatically correct video errors without leaving the Adobe post-production environment. The plug-in uses patented video-level correction algorithms to intelligently correct video level errors in the NLE in a way that does not introduce new artefacts through, for example, clamping, as some standard tools do. To the naked eye, video quality after correction looks identical to the source material. 18 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015