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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ While the industry’s move to IP as its universal transport protocol was evident throughout NAB, it was interesting to see that SDI is still hanging in there with 12G-SDI connection products evident if you looked hard enough. As with the move from SD-SDI to HD-SDI, any shift to 12G-SDI requires new connectors and cables but with products allowing signal distribution up to 100 meters, you can see that there will be demand from control rooms and studios that aren’t quite ready for IP - especially if people are serious about 4k. Yes, it is possible to squeeze a 30fps 4K signal down 6G SDI but for higher frame rates, you need higher data rates. At the show Blackmagic Design displayed various 12G-SDI 60p products including a Smart Videohub 40 x 40 router. Semtech had a UHD-SDI cable driver and equalizer while Macom had the six 12G-SDI products it had last year, including drivers and equalizers. Of course, Atomos is already at 12-SGI with its Shogun monitor/recorder. As we march (almost blindly at times) towards 4k, the need for high frame rates is likely to become more and more apparent to everyone concerned. As such, if Ethernet isn’t going to hack it yet then 12G-SDI might. The only drawback is that 12G-SDI standards have not yet been formalised. Audio/video monitoring Audio metering Wohler Technologies has introduced the first of a range of new products in its new iAM (intelligent Adaptable Monitoring) series of audio and video monitors. The 1RU-sized iAM-MADI is a multichannel monitor developed in close collaboration with Wohler’s partners in the mobile production sector. Initially available with either eight or 16 individual level controls - with audio inputs assigned to any of those - the new system allows the selection if inputs by muting inputs and outputs when necessary. Each of the iAM Series signal monitors provides a monitoring and analysis toolset, as well as built-in networking features that support remote monitoring. RTW showed off its USB audio meter, the TM3- Primus USB TouchMonitor, at NAB. The RCA-type two-channel analogue and digital (SPDIF) loudness and level meter is designed for workstations, edit suites and small site operations. It includes vectorscope, RTA, chart and monitoring capabilities and has a 4.3-inch touch screen that works vertical and horizontally. The advanced USB hybrid mode enables DAW metering points to be visualized and processed directly on the TouchMonitor’s screen. Similar to RTW’s award- winning TM3 TouchMonitor, the touch screen displays a full set of instruments for level and loudness metering that can be used by all levels of user. 22 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 “ OK, it’s not exactly a Betamax vs VHS videotape war but these are essentially two competing technologies and it will be interesting to see if either of them comes out on top.