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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER “ While this year’s NAB was the venue for yet more successful Ultra HD trials it was also the show where HDR (High Dynamic Range) started to really make an impression on the wider broadcast market. Yes, there were HDR TV sets at CES in 2013 but it has been the elephant in the room in recent times. NAB 2015 feels like a tipping point. It’s gone from being a ‘hey, but how about HDR?’ question asked by the audience at the end of a UHD seminar to being at the forefront of many people’s future UHD plans. Only last month Technicolor and America’s Sinclair Broadcast Group successfully demonstrated a UHD broadcast with HDR. Based on proposed ATSC 3.0 technologies, the series of test broadcasts were included in Sinclair’s experimental OFDM transmission system. They were transmitted under real-world conditions and delivered HDR content at both HD and UHD in a single-layer. Both HDR and legacy receiver devices, including mobile phones and tablets, were able to receive and display the broadcast signal. Similarly, VIZIO is set to become the first set manufacturer to ship Dolby Vision-powered smart displays later this year. Yes, these Reference Series of TV sets were also touted at CES (in 2014) but the Dolby Vision models are actually going to ship, fingers crossed. There will be content in the form of streamed movies too. “ For those people convinced that HDR should be part of the first phase of a UHD broadcast standard rather than a future phase, these are really interesting developments. Pay-TV games Comigo used TV Connect to display new services for the pay-TV market that it says will increase viewer engagement and boost operators’ revenue streams. Included was Games Center, an interactive game designed for the TV screen, and an expansion of its WatchApps series. Comigo chief executive Motty Lentzitzky said: “Comigo offers a multiscreen platform which enables pay-TV operators to differentiate their services and excite their subscribers, and as a result enjoy new revenue streams.” The Games Center – part of Comigo’s home entertainment offering - is delivered via its HEVC/4K Android-based STB. It allows operators to deliver a variety of interactive games to subscribers that can be played either by using Comigo’s Game Pad or the TV remote control. 30 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015