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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Video over IP distribution Dejero showcased LIVE+ EnGo at NAB. The camera- mounted or wearable transmitter is for remote video acquisition. It encodes H.264 video and transmits it over multiple IP networks to deliver pictures with extremely low latency. According to the company, its modular design enables the attachment of swappable wireless modules to customize LIVE+ EnGo to the locally available wireless network infrastructure, and for use around the world. Brian Cram, chief executive of Dejero, said: “Compact, modular, and simple to use, LIVE+ EnGo uses cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and portable satellite connectivity for reliable live broadcasts from virtually anywhere, even from a moving vehicle. The solution is ideal for newsgathering, sports coverage, and any type of remote live-event broadcasting.” LIVE+ EnGo can be connected to any SDI or HDMI camera. Video delivery infrastructure Harmonic used NAB to launch the Spectrum X, a media server system for production and playout that is designed to ease the transition to IP broadcast workflows by integrating SDI and IP I/O on the same chassis. The software-based system uses Harmonic’s VOS technologies and combines file, baseband and transport stream ingest with integrated channel playout (ICP) capabilities, including graphics and branding, DVE, master control switching and audio mixing. Bart Spriester, senior vice president, video products at Harmonic said: “Transitioning at their own pace, the Spectrum X server users can migrate smoothly and cost-effectively from the SDI workflows of today to the IP-based workflows expected to take off in the future. The software-based design of the system lends further flexibility to users by allowing them to reconfigure the Spectrum X system to suit the changing needs of specific channels, as well as providing a path to Ultra HD.” Video Service Quality Assurance Video Transport The UAE-based telecoms operator Etisalat is to implement Agama’s DTV Monitoring technology in an effort to improve the experience that customers of its IPTV and OTT services receive. The install covers the end-to-end video distribution infrastructure; from head-end down to end-user devices, such as set-top boxes, smart phones and tablets. Mikael Dahlgren, the chief executive at Agama Technologies, said: “The provided solution, combined with our extensive experience, will empower Etisalat’s internal processes such as incident handling, systematic elimination of underlying problems, change management and customer support, with a transparency that ultimately will result in drastically lowered OPEX and improved customer satisfaction.” Agama secured the deal together with its regional partner Al-Falak Artel Video Systems, has bought the portfolio assets of Communications Specialties Inc (CSI), a provider of fibre optic transmission technology. CSI manufactures the Fiberlink Series of fiber optic transmission systems for video, audio, and data; the Copperlink line of signal distribution products; the Scan Do line of scan converters, and the Deuce line of intelligent video scalers. “Combining CSI’s portfolio with Artel’s growing DigiLink-based product lines enables our customers to work with one vendor for virtually all of their media transport needs,” said Richard Dellacanonica, president of Artel Video Systems. 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015