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Video contribution AVIWEST used NAB to intro a specially designed backpack that enhances the functionalities of the company’s DMNG PRO video uplink system. Worn on the back or front, the back pack allows in-the-fi eld news crews to carry the DMNG PRO gear for live newsgathering. “AVIWEST provides broadcasters with advanced, easy-to-use technologies that enable the capture and delivery of live SD and HD video over multiple networks, including bonded 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite, from any remote location around the world,” said Erwan Gasc, chief executive AVIWEST. “The new backpack for DMNG PRO is an ideal accessory, streamlining the live newsgathering process further by making it easy for broadcasters to carry and use our equipment in the fi eld.” Video transport Suitcase TV has announced a closer working relationship with Zixi that will allow it to offer content producers the chance to deliver video over unmanaged IP networks to multiple destinations with no quality loss. Zixi, supplied in the UK by Cerberus Satellite Services, works by providing a quality of service (QOS) layer on top of the Internet or other unmanaged IP networks. The combined offering could save on satellite bandwidth or leased lines. Fraser Jardine, the commercial director at Suitcase TV, said: “When delivering high quality video over IP, broadcasters are often faced with such problems as latency, jitter, and packet loss. We are doing all we can to address these issues and, as the leading light in this fi eld, Zixi is the obvious choice to help us make our solutions the best they can possibly be.” Zixi’s video-specifi c transport layer is said to guarantee delivery of video over any distance between two endpoints regardless of latency requirements, as long as it has suffi cient bandwidth. Zixi “intelligently” orders packets of date to achieve smooth, sequential delivery. Complete Connectivity Media Fibre Network & Services Satellite Products & Services Streaming Services KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 | 33