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EDUCATION #TVFutures by Callum O’Leary W hen I first introduced myself back in September, I had just begun my final year project and it was all very early days. I cannot stress how scary the prospect of a final year project is, and it is most certainly a mountain that needs to be climbed. I had originally decided upon a ‘combined project’, which essentially is a study that will involve either the creation of a video artefact, or some real level of hands- on work that will contribute to the running of our TV channel. My focus was social media management of our faculty TV channel (Creative and Cultural Industries TV - CCI TV), and my actual dissertation was primed to investigate the impact of Twitter and second screen applications on users during live broadcasts. My last year here at University has been exceptionally busy and demanding as I was also producing a documentary, helping out on many live broadcasts for other students on my course, and balancing all of that with my running job at IMG sport media. However, the rollercoaster journey has all been worth it. As I write this, my dissertation hand-in is only a week away and thankfully, it’s 99% done. After a handful of meetings with my supervisor, we agreed that doing a more traditional written dissertation was the right way forward. However, that’s not to say that all of the hands-on work and additional contributions to my peers programmes was a waste of time, because it was quite the opposite. Within the space of a few months, I gained the responsibility of running the TV channel’s Twitter feed, Instagram and Vine output, alongside monitoring our Facebook popularity- not to mention everything else 40 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 I’ve done throughout my three years as a Television and Broadcasting student at the University of Portsmouth. Within my study, I’ve uncovered some really fascinating information, which genuinely has made me even more excited at the prospect of fi nding work in this industry upon graduation. The latter issue was something that used to worry me, but now I just feel ready, full of ideas Contribute with your experiences to #tvfutures