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CASE STUDY 6. The best camera is the cheapest decent one you can get If you get an experienced camera person involved they will have strong preferences for particular camera and lens packages. It’s important that you get pictures that are technically up to scratch. It’s more important that your camera is robust, easy and quick enough to use and above all cheap, preferably free. The success of the fi lm will not rest on the quality of the picture once you get past a basic quality threshold. Also, tripods and dollies are your enemy - they make everything slower unlike hand-held shots which are quick to set up and adjust. 7. Sound is more important than picture Yes. While you can get away with a lot in terms of picture, if your sound recording is not good the fi lm will be unwatchable. Get a decent sound kit and try and get someone on sound that knows what they are doing. Good sound will save you days and thousands of pounds in post-production and will help the audience to engage with your fi lm. Bad sound will shut them out of the story and kill it. Keep some money back to go to a great post- production house (we used the outstanding Films@59 in Bristol). They spent a day tweaking our picture, three days sorting out our mix and added a huge amount to the fi lm, masses more than we had any right to expect. 8. Take advantage of ‘prosumer’ technology You can achieve an incredible amount with an edit machine that will cost you less than £2,000. This was a revelation to me who had been brought up using the post houses of Soho. With a £2k computer, which one of the crew ordered the bits for and then assembled themselves, and an Adobe Creative Cloud license you have a complete post production facility on your desk that will take you from edit to grade if you want it to. 9. Shoot your movie in 12 days or less People will give up time to work on your fi lm if it isn’t going to go on for too long. We shot in 9 days then had 3 days of pickups. The 9 days were incredibly intense but 74 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 achievable. Plan your days carefully, stick to your schedule, have weather cover if you are fi lming in the UK and avoid lengthy travel between locations - those hours stuck on the motorway are supremely unproductive. 10. Know when good is enough Always remember that not showing something can be more effective than showing it. Drew does this very well, he shows just enough of a visual effect for example for the audience to buy it but not long enough for them to start looking at how it was done – he’s on to the next thing in a fl ash. Do not strive for perfection - know when good is good enough. They say a fi lm is never fi nished, you just run out of time. That can be a killer attitude if your director runs away with it. Everything has to be good enough to justify its place in the fi lm, but perfection is a multi-million dollar ambition. We hope you watch the movie and enjoy it – we have been so buoyed up by the success of the fi rst that we are shooting the sequel in April 2015 and we hope you will watch and enjoy that one too when it comes out this Autumn. We’ll be sure to let you know if we stuck to our own 10 Golden Rules for Film Number 2. hungerfordfi “Hungerford” is available now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon ABOUT WILDSEED Founded in 2014 by Miles Bullough & Jesse Cleverly, Wildseed Comedy aims to become the home of new online comedy in the UK. Our mission is to help bring fresh comedy projects to life through nurturing, developing and fi nancing talent. We are dedicated to providing viewers with premium, original, scripted shows featuring the best new UK comedy talent, with a new series launching every month.