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Grading Insert editing China News Film Studio has purchased a Quantel Pablo Rio HFR colour and fi nishing system to support its 4K S3D 48p post workfl ow for feature fi lms. The facility has also chosen a Neo control panel. Ms Rongyan Liu, director of China News Film Studio, said: “Pablo Rio is the only system in the market that can support our workfl ow.” Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware and uses NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver interactivity and maximum productivity, with real-time performance at 4K 60p and above. Pablo Rio is available as software only and as a range of Quantel-backed turnkey systems. Cinedeck has added File-Based Insert Edit functionality to its RX, MX and ZX record, ingest and transcode platforms. Overcoming one of the hurdles created by the move to fi le-based programme delivery, the feature is said to allow editors to quickly perform frame-accurate changes to a digital fi le, in a similar manner to insert editing on tape. KVM Cloud editing German Ke yboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) fi rm IHSE has helped France Télévisions to complete an upgrade of two of its main studios. The manufacturer devised the studio infrastructure around a digital KVM architecture that connects workstations to centralised computing power and broadcast editing machines as needed. Staff working on programmes can confi gure the operational areas to their particular requirements and preferences, based on preconfi gured and stored layouts. All users within the studios can access a wide range of resources within the studio complexes without being tied to specifi c work locations. Forbidden Technologies, makers of the Forscene cloud- based video editing software application, is teaming up with Steve Keeler, a service professor at the State University of New York (SUNY), to develop a textbook and certifi cation programme for using Forscene’s post-production tools. Initially just for students of SUNY’s Cayuga Community College, allowing them to become certifi ed professional Forscene users, the ultimate goal is to roll the programme out across the US. As Keeler is working independently with Forbidden on the project development, it will be possible to make the course and associated materials available to other educational institutions. Charles DAutremont, chief executive of Cinedeck said: “The process is familiar to editors, takes just a few minutes and, in many situations, delivers signifi cant time and cost savings.” Wrapper independent, the File- Based Insert Editing functionality works with various intermediate formats DNxHD, Prores, and AVC-I as well as uncompressed and DPX fi les. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 | 15