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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ Although never terribly sexy, MAM systems and related asset tracking and finding technology play an increasingly significant role in media. You can see that in the many stories that appear in KitPlus on the subject. The market has grown so big, and so wide, however, that there really is no single definition of what one might call a broadcast MAM. Instead, asset management systems tend to address a wide array of users and applications. As Patrice Rosay, a pre sales engineer and broadcast solutions architect at NETIA, says: “In a sense, the selection of a MAM system is not unlike the purchase of a car. The buyer can choose from a host of makes and models, with each offering a different blend of functionality, performance, and interoperability at a different price point. No one car can meet the needs of every driver, and the same is true of MAM systems.” As such, advising someone on what to buy is pretty tricky. Especially as many vendors set themselves up as providing MAM systems when in fact they only actually offer some element of MAM functionality. You can certainly see why MAM confuses people. As such – because vendors are unlikely to fall into a nice neat line – perhaps there is case for re-branding MAM as something else. Has it got too big and unwieldy? I am sure there is a marketing expert out there who could come up with a new moniker that better describes how a broadcaster tracks assets. Perhaps that would make MAM less confusing? “ Monitors Content workflows A video production team working for the Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT) will monitor all of the action at this year’s French Open tournament using eight Blackmagic MultiView 16s. The purpose built 3.2m x 1.3m video wall will provide a preview of all the action as it happens at Le Stade Roland Garros venue. As part of a video production upgrade for the venue, four of the hardware multi viewers will be used all year round in order to monitor 1080i50 signals across all 20 courts at Roland Garros, including smaller FFT tournaments and training analysis. During major championships, such as the French Open and Davis Cup meetings, the additional four MultiView 16s will provide the FFT team with a full overview of every camera feed being produced by up to 40 international sports broadcasters on site, as well as outputs of video systems such as keyers and video walls. Marquis Broadcast teamed up with GB Labs at Broadcast Asia to show the integration of its collaborative Avid editing tools with both Marquis’ Workspace Parking - the set and forget disaster recovery technology for Avid workspaces - and its Project Parking for content archive and retrieval. Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis Broadcast said: “Our collaboration and the integration of our solutions now means Avid facilities can have total control over their media files and video projects.  The result of the integration is a seamless shared editing and archiving workflow that delivers considerable cost-savings and greatly enhanced productivity.” 20 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015