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Auto QC QC Vidcheck, the provider of software for automated quality control and correction of media fi les, has promoted Henry Keyser to the post of sales manager, UK/ Ireland, MEA and Asia-Pac. In his new role he takes on responsibility for direct sales and indirect sales channels in those regions. Vidcheck chief executive Thomas Dove said: “Henry has demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills, product knowledge and market awareness and Im delighted to promote him to a role in which those talents can more directly benefi t our worldwide clients.” Nexidia has launched a new product family that encompasses Nexidia QC and allows broadcasters, content creators, caption creators, and post professionals to verify captions, video description, and language in media fi les. Nexidia Illuminate consists of three different software- based products targeted for different applications: Nexidia QC for quality control, Nexidia Comply for broadcast compliance, and Nexidia Align for caption alignment. Align is also available as an option for both Nexidia QC and Nexidia Comply. Cloud sharing Stockholm-based Chimney Group is using the ioGates platform to share and exchange content among its various offi ces, departments, and content partners. The group has 10 offi ces and more than 300 employees throughout Europe and in Sydney and Singapore. “We offer a wide and diverse range of production services, from conception and development to production and post- production,” explained Henric Larsson CEO of Chimney Group. “At the same time, the people involved in a project can be just as widespread and diverse, with several people or groups of people needing to see the content and give input. Given the fast-paced nature of media production today, we need something that lets us share media immediately with whomever needs to see it - including clients - and do it with the utmost security. The ioGates platform is not only easy to access and use via a Web browser by anyone we allow, anywhere they are, but the two- factor authentication for both logging in and sharing links gives us the security we need.” KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 | 23