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Video over IP Audio and video over IP Bluebell Opticom has announced that it is working with Suitcase TV on technology and product developments for video-over- IP, with the first joint products expected to be released formally at IBC. One of the joint products, iphrame Vision, will combine Bluebell’s stand-alone portable interfacing with Suitcase TV’s IP-based vision mixing technology. The decision to collaborate follows work carried out by Bluebell and Suitcase TV on a project where IP technology replaced traditional HD-SDI links. Digigram used Broadcast Asia to highlight a complete range of products designed to address the performance and cost requirements of IP audio and video applications. Included were the IQOYA *CLOUD Web-based management application, as well as the company’s low-cost, ultra-low- latency IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE audio-over-IP contribution codecs; the IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE stereo audio-over-IP distribution codecs; and the high-density IQOYA *SERV/LINK multiple- stereo or multichannel audio-over-IP codec for professional IP audio distribution. “That project highlighted to both our companies the potential benefits of working with video over IP,” said Paul McCann, managing director of Bluebell Opticom. “Our companies have kept in close communication, recognising that Bluebell’s ingenuity in hardware can be combined with Suitcase TV’s software expertise to create new products that fully address the needs of today’s broadcasters.” KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 | 31