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The New LeNses from TLs suPer BaLTar 75mm T2.3 € 3600 SONY » SCL-PK3/M CONDITION New SELLER 162764 CONTACT suPer BaLTar 20mm T2.3 Project italia ITEM ID +39055 352285 CineAlta 4K PL mount lens pack x3 (metric) - EX DEMO » SONY SCL-PK3/M NEWRIF.X1142The SCL-PK3/M lens pack is a range of three high quality, cost effectivePL mount prime lenses that work seamlessly with the PMW-F55, PMW-F5 and other CineAlta camcorders. Each lens is certified for 4K capture, while minimizing geometric distortion, vignetting, and breathing.Pack of £ 2350 ZEISS » CP.2 50 mm/T1.5 Super € 290 Broadcast WAVE 02089989966 CONDITION used ITEM ID 141020 SELLER 5.6”” HD LCD Monitor w/ HDMI - exDemo » 162576 SELLER Ikan » V5600 +Bag New ITEM ID HMI 575w complete system » 02089989966 BPM Broadcast CONTACT system Broadcast WAVE CONDITION ARRI » 575W HMI complete 161174 SELLER CONTACT £ 2950 New ITEM ID Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 50mm/T1.5 Super Speed » CONDITION CONTACT Speed 0049 - 40 - 55 76 £ 6500.00 ARRI/ZEISS » ULTRA PRIME 20mm/T1.9 F ParT of The New TLs suPer BaLTar raNge of PL LeNses Rehoused in TLS metalwork with variable pitch cam driven focus mechanism, the True Lens conversion of these vintage lenses gives the range a brand new lease of life. Tel: 01455 848411 Email: Visit us online at Lenses • Matteboxes • servicing • engineering TLS_TVBay_Ad_91x133mm_4.indd 1 03/06/2015 17:16 - CONDITION Used ITEM ID 163497 SELLER BROADCAST-HERO CONTACT +44 7534 352325 ULTRA PRIME 20mm/T1.9 Lens, with feet scales » 1 x (Used) ARRI/ZEISS ULTRA PRIME 20mm/T1.9 Lens, with feet scalesc/w: Generic CaseExcellent Optical And Cosmetic Condition£6,500.00 + VAT And Delivery £ 5000.00 CANON » HJ22ex7.6B IRSE A CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 163009 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 HDTV Zoom Lens » 1 x CANON HJ22ex7.6B IRSE Ac/w: 1 x CANON ZSD-300M Zoom Demand & Aluminium Flight CaseLight Usage / Serviced By Optical Support Last YearOptically Perfect & Excellent Cosmetic Condition£5,000.00 + VAT & Delivery £ 18225 Fujinon » ZK4.7x19 £ 10500.00 CONDITION New SELLER TNP Broadcast Sales CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 146918 CONTACT 01923 712 712 ITEM ID 163120 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 19-90mm T2.9 PL Mount Cabrio Compact Cinema Zoom Lens » The 19-90mm Cabrio (ZK4.7x19) features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-Style lens. The ZK4.7x19 also features flange focal distance adjustment, macro function, and is LDS (Lens Data System) and /i metadata compatible. With a CarlZeiss » LWZ-1 15.5-45/T2.6 F Lightweight Zoom Lens With PL Mount » 1 x CarlZeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ-1 15.5-45/T2.6 Fc/w: PL Mount, Zoom Bar And Custom Aluminium Flight CaseExcellent Optical And Cosmetic Condition£10,500.00 + VAT And Delivery KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 | 81