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EQUIPMENT VISION MIXERS, VTRs € 6500 € 2400 For-A » HVS-XT100 Panasonic » AG-HPD24EJ CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Broadcast Support CONDITION Used SELLER AVPRO ITEM ID 162876 CONTACT +45 70 20 55 07 ITEM ID 162741 CONTACT +34 626 49 15 30 HD-SDI video switcher » 8 HD/SD-SDI inputs (expandable up to 14 inputs)4 HD/SD-SDI outputs (expandable up to 8 outputs)1 HDMI outputBuild in multiviewer4x 2.5D DVE channels2x Still/clip storesThe HVS-100, portable video switchers, boast exceptional cost performance. The mixer inherit and improve upon the diverse functions and features of the popular HVS-300HS, including Panasonic P2 deck » £ POA € 5900 - - Sony » MVS-8000A Sony » PDW-HR1 CONDITION Used CONDITION Used ITEM ID 155706 ITEM ID 157329 SELLER CineHD Ltd SELLER AVPRO CONTACT +441280815027 CONTACT +34 626 49 15 30 HD switcher » MVS-8000A mainframe2.5MESoftware Version: V9License: BZS-8250 Simple PP/ BZS-8200 Multi Programme251 x Inputs24 x Outputs4 x DME channels1 x Frame Memory boardSCU- 8010A:Software Version: V9.01DCU MKS-2700 (1U Unit):Software Version: V4.13MVE-8000A:Software Version: £ 3483 DVS Pronto2k.2 - Video Editing, Mastering, Convers » DVS Pronto2k.2 - Video Editing, Mastering, XDCAM HD422 Portable Recorder » XDCAM HD422 Portable Recorder Sony with 174 laser hours € 14500 SONY » PDW-F1600 CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION Used SELLER AVPRO ITEM ID 134504 CONTACT 02088821111 ITEM ID 161303 CONTACT +34 626 49 15 30 In good condition and Full working condition » DVS Pronto2k.21 in stock In good condition and Full working condition ALL DRIVES HAVE BEEN DATA ERASED, THERE IS NO SOFTWARE AND NO DONGLE This sale is for hardware only DVS Pronto2k.2 Specification: Windows XP Pro COA sticker (no media disc included) 2x 1Gb RAM 1 x 160Gb internal hard disc drive DVD-RW £ 1187.50 Recorder XDCAM HD422 » Sony deck XDCAM HD 422 recorder professional disc with 637 laser hours £ 3500 Avid » Media Mojo DX (PAL) SONY VO - 9800P (PAL) » SONY VO - 9800P .tv CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION New SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 161176 CONTACT 02088821111 ITEM ID 146848 CONTACT 01932 240305 Avid Media Mojo DX HD SDi HDMI Video Hardware Editing Monitoring 7020-20059-04 » Hardware only supplied no softwareYou’re always balancing quality, cost, and the next deadline. By pairing Media Composer | Software with the high-performance Media Composer | Mojo DX digital video interface, you get a head start on all three.Using Avid Intelligent Architecture, which 86 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015 AS NEW SONY VO- 9800P....AS NEW SONY VO -9800P....AS NEW SONY VO-9800P » We have a Sony VO 9800P which is still in its original packaging box, The manual is still within the original packaging.As New - Complete.