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EDUCATION Cue ‘Dick Barton’ Music SOUND... CAMERA… Live Stream Activated… ACTION! by Charlie Watts R UN VT: This time last year the University of Portsmouth course team and students of BSc Television and Broadcasting were recovering from a mammoth charity fundraising 24 hour broadcast. In hindsight this event helped to convey what the course was capable of, and it created an unforgettable milestone moment. It was also going to be a diffi cult event to top… Every year the Portsmouth Creative and Cultural Industries Faculty (CCI) stage a huge Final Year Graduate Show, and TV & Broadcasting use this event as an opportunity to build a notable broadcast around it. Perhaps understandably the students following in their predecessor’s footsteps were very nervous at the challenges that lay ahead, and planning began early in 2015 to review and choose the best ideas to throw weight behind. Eventually it was decided to stage a multi-location outside broadcast on May 29th, beginning at 12 Noon, and fi nishing at 8pm the same day. The mission was simple - transmit via satellite (for the fi rst time ever!) a live TV signal from HMS Warrior in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, back to the main faculty Eldon building where two separate simultaneous OB’s were already taking place – what could possibly go wrong? Whilst our mission seemed simple on paper, which it would be for a broadcasting organisation, for a higher education institution, it wasn’t simple at all! So what could wrong? Well, our stress levels were a little low, so we decided to heavily advertise our fi rst actual live MiniCaster satellite broadcast as far 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 103 JULY 2015 and wide as possible! It would either work, or a lot of people would know that we’d fallen on our faces quite early on. Previous fi nal year shows, the students were assessed on the output, and it guaranteed students would show up on the day and put in their best effort. But we changed that for this year and made it non- assessed and come along if you’re interested; let the worrying begin! Add into the pot that the event would rely quite heavily on good weather, otherwise we would truly be looking at a washout. As it was, we had nothing to worry about, and all eight hours provided the experience we hoped for. A healthy range of students from all year groups (never before had fi rst year students been involved) committed to the event, turned up and gave it their best shot - indeed they even seemed to love every minute! Staff members provided the planning and basic foundation of the production and facilitated each OB, whilst the students made it happen. This is what they all had to say about our eight hour multi-location and multi- camera outside broadcast. Katie Still, TVB lecturer, “My task was to manage the fi ve hours of live output from our Eldon Broadcast Hub in the foyer of our Faculty building. We had a script ready for the fi rst item, but then it was by the seat of our pants; conducting live interviews and providing live links into VT's of student work...for FIVE hours! I was seriously relying on an excellent performance from the students that had shown up…” Louise Lovesey, CCI Support Staff, “The end of year show for us is usually an opportunity to really challenge both ourselves and the students with the kit we own. The focus of this years show