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EDUCATION was Outside Broadcasting, and unlike our previous shows, we completely moved out of the main studio and only used the gallery to monitor the TX output and feed between the many different live inputs. With feeds coming in from the CCI Hub studio, the Gearhouse OB lite and the miniCASTER HMS Warrior, it was imperative that the immense efforts being made were being successfully transmitted through the TriCaster in the studio at the right time. The role I took on was very important and due to the number of locations and specific timings we needed, someone had to be in charge of the command center orchestrating it all. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into a broadcast, if the signal isn’t going where it should, a massive error has been made. Thankfully, all went as it should.” Alex Sermon, director/producer TVB 3rd Year, "The best part for me was how we coped on the fly. We were making decisions quickly not through haste but because we had to. We were laying out the road in front of us as we were moving 100 mph...anyone else would crumble but because we've been taught well and we've experienced these situations we came out the other side with an amazing 5 hour broadcast behind us." Gemma Frith, presenter 2nd Year, "The final year broadcast was so much fun! For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to build my confidence and improve my skills in interviewing as we held countless interviews across the afternoon. Prior to this event, I had only ever held one interview and I was very nervous, but now I'm happy and confident that I will be able to interview guests again without a problem, all thanks to the final year broadcast." Alex Watson, sound/camera operator 1st Year, "The day spent in the Eldon Broadcast Hub is one that I won't forget anytime soon...Working together with second and third-year students to bring our portion of the final year show to CCI TV and the Portsmouth Big Screen really helped to make our team such a pleasure to work with - everyone had different experiences and skill-sets, and rather than just sticking to our comfort zones, everyone played to their strengths whilst also not being afraid of stepping up to the plate and doing a role which they had never done before." Alexandra Bate, production assistant 3rd Year, "I think my favourite part of the day was kind of how uncertain it was. It felt more real and we were more in control and able to change and adapt the show as we went. I felt like the whole 3 years led up to this and it was the most professional I felt whilst working on a show - I wasn't even stressed out whilst doing it, which made the day even better!" Raechelle Jackson, producer/script writer/ autocue operator 3rd Year, "It was fast-paced, it was chaotic and it was the best 5 hours of broadcasting I've partaken in. For someone whose passion lies in writing, editing the script on- the-go was exhilarating but it didn't come easy as half way through I did find myself forgetting how to type coherent sentences. The most warming experience of the final year show for me was the support we offered each other. The day wasn't just about finding a way to broadcast 5 hours straight and linking elements together; it was about teaching and learning. The 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 103 JULY 2015