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addition PAG have a super compact travel charger that can charge several batteries over night or from the cars 12v supply. On one occasion this year we had finished shooting for the night. It was dark and the storm was producing very strong winds and torrential rain making shooting difficult. We decided to head for a hotel half way between where we were in South Dakota and Iowa where we needed to be the next day. For the next 4 hours we carefully used a satellite based weather radar system to dodge in and out of the most violent parts of the storm as it tracked along the interstate towards our chosen hotel (I’m following violent weather systems, so driving in them as they move overnight from one area to the next is common). At one point we had to come off the highway to allow a tornado indicated on my radar system to invisibly pass in the dark just ahead of us. We sat in the car and watched brilliant green flashes of light as the storm took out power lines just ahead of us, all the time the car being rocked and buffeted by 90mph winds, No need for caffeine to keep you awake when the weather’s doing it’s thing! Finally when we made it to the hotel there was no power. It was hailing marble sized hail mixed with torrential rain. We were able to check in but there was no way to charge batteries other than in the car. The following morning a scene of destruction and mayhem greeted us. Trees, road signs and billboards were shredded and the interstate was littered with overturned trucks looking like beach whales on the sides of the road. All that damage was from the 90 to 120 mph  “gust front” that precedes a “supercell” storm or “bow echo” storm. That’s all part of the adventure. It’s incredibly challenging, you never know where the weather will take you, but the beauty that comes with the violence of these storms never ceases to amaze me. If you want to have a go at storm chasing for yourself I take guests on my trips. Take a look at my web site for more details: KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 103 JULY 2015 | 67